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Feb 11, 2007 02:18 PM

Monteleone & Cammareri is open

Walked by today and was pleasantly surprised to see this place open, finally. I stopped in and picked up some lard bread (divine!!!) and a regular loaf. The pastries looked good, but I refrained for now.

The counter staff seemed untrained and overwhelmed, so there was a bit of a wait -- don't go if you're in a hurry.

Glad to have both these renowned names back in business. The bakery is on Court, between Union and President.

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  1. I saw they were open yesterday as well but didn't have time to stop in. The place looked pretty mobbed. Did you get a chance to check out the cheesecake? Hopefully it remains unchanged (and just as wonderful) as it was before.

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    1. re: David B

      The cheesecake is back, as before. PERFECT. Samples on the counter, too.

    2. Great news. Thanks Larry - I'll be heading there this weekend.

      1. Are the prices as reasonable as Monteleone's before the merger/renovations?

        1. Is this the Cammareri's that I remember from the neighborhood as a kid? The place that used to supply all the bodegas and delis with great bread before they moved away to make us suffer with that crap from Caputo's?

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          1. re: deepyarn

            Same Cammareri's - used to be on Henry Street and was featured in the film Moonstruck (hence the comment below).

            1. re: David B

              Thanks, hopefully their bread will be as good as before, I've been missing their semolina Italian loaf since the day they left.

          2. I walked by as well. I stopped walking when I noticed they had Moonstruck playing on an LCD mounted on the wall - on a loop. Perhaps I can get passed this and go inside and give it a try. It does look inviting.