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Feb 11, 2007 01:58 PM

Venison at Trevor and Maro

Had another terrific dinner at Trevor last night. Particularly enjoyed the venison with foie gras, dates and squash gnocchi.

Today, was surfing on Martini Boys, looking for our next chow experience. Imagine my surprise when I came across this line, in a review of David Adjey's Maro: "A signature pan-seared vension foie gras with dates is served with squash gnoochi."

Hmmm... sounds exactly like the dish my wife had last night... I wonder who ripped off whom...

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  1. It sounds yummy. How was it presented?
    Was the meat cooked completely separately from the other ingredients?
    Were the dates mixed into the foie gras?
    Does the cook have to make the squash gnochi or do they buy it prepped?

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    1. re: torontovore

      Yummy indeed. The venison was pan-seared, and the dates, foie gras and gnocchi were assembled on the plate (not mixed together), with a sage jus. I'm sure the gnocchi are house-made. I can't imagine that place buying pre-made anything.

      1. re: estragon

        i personally didn't find anything incredibly redeeming about my experience at trevor and will likely not return because it seems to have been over hyped. perhaps this was because we ate off of the dinner menu, which was quite imperfect in much of its execution.

        i ordered the venison that evening, and while the meat itself was cooked right... those gnocchi were tough little suckers. i've made better gnocchi myself and i don't ever claim to make good gnocchi. i found the foie gras completely overwhelmed by the cloyingly sweet dates. jus was so salty that i wanted to wipe it off of everything it was poured over so i could continue eating. my foie gras was also sinewy... i ended up giving away 1/3rd of my main.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          I really really wanted to like Trevor. I scoured this board for a good recommendation after I had a great time at JKWB. However I find that the only redeeming quality about trevor was their amazing mini Kobe burgers and the great interior design by the designer guys. The execution and service was spotty and scatterbrained at times. Ie. After we got our table, no waitor helped us till after about 10 minutes in which I had to make eye contact to get some service... I was missing a fork, overcharged for 6 oz wine instead of 3, ground pepper was not offered until asked, etc. In addition, I agree from other posters in another thread that their Mains are definitely not up to par. I had the duck, which was quite gamey and a bit sinewy. The Lobster spaghetti was alright but nothing amazing. Overall, the feel of the place is great but service really really needs more attention. Like other posters have said, if I ever go again, I would probably stick with the bar menu and drinks.

          1. re: yellowjello

            Lol...The Designer Guys and ground pepper at the table! Reminds me of the good old days! P.S. Trevor is quite possibly the ugliest space in Toronto.

    2. Weird.... I've never seen that on Maro's menu. They have "take away" printed menu's so customers can fold and take them home. I have it here... .and I don't see that on the menu. Maybe a mistake from the reviewer.

      1. Based on postings on this board during the past week, review of Trevor is SO INCONSISTENT, its borderline scary!! Fluctuating between down right terrible to simply terrific. Who do we beliieve?! Variation of opinion for Trevor is close to that for Susur!!

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          I like liver and many don't. That's a different opinion from others. Not everyone is going to like Trevor, but that's what makes life interresting. "Variation of opinion". I've had horrible meals at many restaurants in this city while others on this site rave about the same places. Are they wrong ? am I? neither I think.