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Feb 11, 2007 01:50 PM

Nova Scotia dining summer 2007

My wife and I will be spending two weeks in southern Nova Scotia and Halifax this summer. We like all good food (needless to say), but would like to find some truly special places in terms of ambiance as well. Any suggestions?

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  1. For ambiance, you really can't beat The Press Gang restaurant on Prince Street.

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    1. re: canuckx

      With respect to the Press Gang, I agree that the restaurant itself is pretty cool, and that it may appeal to a tourist vibe (in a good way), but I have always found the food there quite marginal, especially when you consider the price point.

      The last time I was there I ordered the "duck confit" as a appetizer; I got a pan seared breast of duck. It seemed as though someone thought that "confit" was some sort of generic descriptor for duck.

      I would much rather go to someplace like Fid, where the room is pleasant and minimalist, leaving one to focus on outrageously good local ingrediants. The last time I was there I had a piece of local blue fin tuna that was out of this world.

      1. re: BarnNB

        I would have to agree. I have had only one outstanding dining experience at The Press Gang. The other two times were just fine.

        Fid is a unique restaurant with a chef that goes out of his way to use local products for a great dining experience. Don't go to Fid if you're in a rush though; it is a true, evening long, total dining experience. I recommend it as well.

    2. How about restaurants or hotel/inns with restaurnats on the Evangeline Trail and south shore?

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        OK, here are my suggestions for the South Shore.

        Shelburne - Charlotte's Lane (Open May to Dec)
        Liverpool - Lane's Privateers Inn (owner is a sommelier, also great pub out back).
        - White Point Beach Lodge - nice beach, you can stay almost on it, not bad food, good wine list
        Lunenburg - Fleur de Sel
        - Il Trattoria - New Italian/Med place, great chef, opens tomorrow
        - The Knot Pub
        In Lunenburg there are lots of good B&B's if money not main object stay at

      2. Brewnoser knows his/her restaurants... may I second the notion of Fleur de Sel and The Knot Pub in Lunenburg (jury is out on Il Trattoria as it is just opening this week, but looks promising). I would also add Large Margs for breakfast (that is if you can tear yourself away from the breakfast sandwiches on offer at Tim Hortons). LM's is not fancy, but off season, is a great place to eavesdrop on local life. And, BTW, if money IS an object you might want to check out

        1. For an absolutely magical evening or evenings of Acadian dining & music I can't urge you too strongly to consider Chez Christophe on Rte, 1 in Grosse Coques. Btw, it is byob but wine, beer & spirits are readily available locally.The also have a B&B directly opposite the restaurant. Reservations for both are strongly advised during the summer Acadian festival season.

          Here is their website;

          And here is the original thread;

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          1. re: Harp00n

            Chez Christophe - what a sweet place! I was so happy to see it mentioned, because I have very fond memories of the place, but I'd forgotten the name. It's charming and homey, like being a guest in someone's kitchen.

            1. re: Pumpkinseed

              The sweet breezes of Spring & Summer will be on their way...hope to see you there :-)

          2. Thanks all. Does anyone know anything Trout Point Lodge?

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            1. re: BritishVirgin

              Boston here, only via t.v. voyeurism I'm afraid. WCVB, Channel 5's Chronicle magazine made a trek here a few years ago. Peter Mehegan, the shows host, raved at just about everything including the food. He's not a "gushy" kinda guy and considering the time, money & effort involved in doing a 15-20 minute segment for a New England regional station....well you get the picture

              BTW, I believe this is Relais & Chateaux listed so bring your your US/CD dollars or British pounds