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Feb 11, 2007 01:31 PM

Palma on Cornelia Street

Went last night for dinner.
It wasn't good... but great !
Anyone love this place ?? How come I didn't know about it ?
I ate a fish stew in a large bowl, with a flatbread crust baked on top.
The place is was small & noisy ... but sophisticated & very foodie.
Write and tell me of your experiences here !
Any other great west village places that you love ?

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  1. Hate it. It's like getting in a cab where the driver already had the meter going for 15 minutes. At every turn they're trying to pump up the bill. The pasta is pretty good, so was the main. Then the bill came and it was insane for what we'd eaten. A very distinct feeling of having been beat. Also, the spirit is just generally mercenary. The servers, the bar, all seem finely tuned to part you from your money. Not a good vibe, even when you know the management.

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      I didn't get that vibe ... thanks for your candid remarks. I guess we were just happy they could take us without a reservation ... we were going to see Dave Attell at The Comedy Cellar & needed a place to eat. We shared 1 salad & had three mains.
      Didn't feel ripped of because the food we ate was very good.
      I'm bummed now, thought I found a great new place.

    2. We had them cater a birthday party for 12 people in the "farmhouse kitchen" at the rear of the garden, which we had for the entire evening. The pre-arranged dinner was excellent (especially the pastas), the dedicated server was at our constant beck and call, and the setting was lovely. The price, all things considered, was very reasonable.