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Feb 11, 2007 01:16 PM

Ultimate Chile Verde: Your Favorite

I had a really interesting CV the other day here in Southern Oregon; it was a Dry Version with Roasted Pepper Strips and Spices over the chunks of Pork, - no sauce to speak of.
I crave Chile Verde in all forms, both at mexi places and at home, though I certainly do love Tomatillos. Do you crave it too?

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  1. I do! It's very hard to find green chile on menus here in the East, so I eat a lot of green-chile burros and chimichangas when I visit my family in Arizona.

    1. I think that the tomatillo and pork meat are perfect pairs. The acidity and slight verdant bitterness of the tomatillo cuts the richness of the pork meat wonderfully.

      1. My fave is my own. I salt and sear a pork tenderloin so it's all nice and crusty to keep in the juices, then slow roast it. Meanwhile, I roast tomatillos and a mix of green peppers (poblano, serrano, a little green bell peppers). Then I skin and dump the tomatillos and peppers in a stew pot--they fall apart on their own.

        When the pork tenderloin is done and and cool enough to handle, pull hunks off with a fork. Add them to the tomatillo/pepper mixture. Salt/season to taste, and enjoy the green goodness.

        I think I may have to make some tonight! Yum yum.

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          I like to cube the pork (butt works great) and brown it with seasoning, garlic and onions, then add the green chili/tomatillo mixture and simmer the pork until tender.

        2. Yeh, love the stuff. Down here on the border, I can get pork or beef versions. Chunky, shredded, or coarse ground meat. Some have tomatillos, some not. Some are very picante, some very mild. A local favorite is a green chili burrito served what is sometimes called enchilada style, saddle style or wet (covered with green sauce or more gr chile & cheese). Yum.

          When I make it in season, I will use roasted, peeled mild Hatches. More often, I use the frozen tubs of N. Mex. chopped green chilies - usually more mild than hot, plus pork chunks, onions, tomatillos, garlic, cooked until the pork pulls apart with a fork.