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Feb 11, 2007 01:09 PM

In need of lots of Spring Rolls in Dallas

Am doing a Chinese New Year party that is getting bigger by the minute and I want to supplement my menu with purchased Spring Rolls (vegetarian) and possibly Egg Rolls (any flavor). My back up plan is to order from the Thai place at Greenville/Yale. Any other suggestions for large quantities (50), good price, good product?

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  1. I am a little reluctant to suggest it, but Costco has some decent egg rolls in large quantities at a good price.

    1. Green Papaya on Oak Lawn has great spring rolls and they are big enough that you can cut them up into smaller pieces to serve.

      1. Make them! They're easy - even for a first time assembler.

        1. I was eating at BistroB on Walnut St in Garland and noticed a woman carrying out a HUGE order of fried egg rolls. I've never eaten theirs, but most everything I've eaten there is delicious, so I'm sure you couldn't go wrong.

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            I noticed that Bistro B's lettering broadcast that they are an egg roll factory.

            1. re: vktp

              They always have a pile of more than 50 ready to go at the cashier. $1 for 4. We always take a few home after we eat there.

              1. re: kuidaore

                Bistro B has the best spring rolls and that dipping sauce is to die for!!! I have no idea what it is but I'm already wanting to go back!

          2. Kirk is right. Costco sells 72 spring rolls for $7.99. They're pretty good! You can make your own unique dipping sauces if you feel cheezy about it.