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Feb 11, 2007 01:07 PM

Weekend In Chicago

Good restaurants near Ambassador East Hotel?

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  1. There are dozens and dozens of good restaurants within walking distance in the Gold Coast area near the hotel, and hundreds if you include a short cab ride. Can you be more specific? Are you looking for fine dining from top chefs, or a certain kind of cuisine? Because otherwise, your question is too broad to answer. It's like asking if there are any good restaurants in Manhattan. You also might want to search on previous topics here, by searching on terms like "Gold Coast" and "Mag Mile" and "Old Town", as that will give you a better idea of what's available. (The Ambassador East is in the Gold Coast area but the Mag Mile area is just a few blocks south and Old Town is a few blocks north.) You also might consider discussing your needs with the concierge at the hotel (who may also be able to help with reservations if you need them).

    1. Ditto as to nxtasy's comment. An outstanding upscale Mexican restaurant within easy walking distance of the Ambassador East is Salpicon on Wells Street just north of Division.

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        How does Salpicon compare to Topolobambo? thx

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          I've eaten at Salpicon and I thought it was excellent. We basically put our decision in the waiters hand (he was extremely personable and knowledgeable). My favorite was the lamb. Everything was flavorfull and fresh. As how it compares, I don't know. I do know that the price point for Topolobamo is a higher than Salpion if that makes a difference. (FWIW - I have a crush on Rick Bayless, watch his show religiously on Fridays with my b.f and we are saving up our pennies to go to either Frontera/Topolobambo)

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            Rick Bayless was at Frontera when my wife, baby, and myself had lunch on Thursday. He wasnt cooking from what I could tell but was walking around the front of the restaurant towards the entrance to Topolobampo. It was a treat since I also watch, and really enjoy his shows.

            The food was very good, and they have a great selection of Tequila, and Tequila tasting flights. I tried the mezcal, reposado, and blanco flights.

            Salpicon is also excellent, and also has some great Tequilas.

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            Salpicon is amazing! Topolobambo is good, but I love Salpicon!

        2. The immediate area around the Ambassador East is mostly residential, but if you walk south on State Street, cross Division, and go another block or so you will be in a neighborhood of many restaurants, beginning where State and Rush come together at Cedar. Gibson's (steak), Hugo's Frog Bar (seafood), Carmine's (Italian), and Big Bowl (Asian) are a few. If you keep walking south you will see more on Rush and the side streets. Taxis will be available everywhere if you want to go farther. Your query was general: this Near-North neighborhood offers places ranging from very expensive to everyday-moderate. If you google "chicago restaurant menus" you will go to "Menu Pages", a website offering hundreds---click onto Chicago's "Gold Coast" or "River North" or "Old Town" for places fairly near your hotel.

          1. For a quick lunch or the BEST pancakes in the city (I promise, I'm a native... I know what I'm talking about here!) walk over to 3rd Coast Cafe on Dearborn & Goethe. 'Ambassador' is on Goethe... walk one block away from the lake (West). You won't be sorry!