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Feb 11, 2007 12:38 PM

Cozy, romantic new american

Hello all,

I just got engaged and am looking for a cozy, romantic restaurant for when I'm in town next Saturday. My fiancee has indicated a preference for new american food, and cozy, which sort of kills my initial ideas (The Place, Il Buco and Aquagrill go down for the wrong cuisine, Eleven Madison Park, The Modern and Perry St. for the lack of coziness). Besides that, I'm sick of Gramercy Tavern and Union Sq. Cafe. And Provence and Union Pacific closed. Sigh.

Figure a budget around $100/person (give or take) with wine. Anyone have any ideas? I'm staying at the NY Palace and have some faith in the concierge's ability to get reservations, so please feel free to recommend somewhere that might normally be difficult to reserve on a week's notice - whenever I'm in SF I get the concierge at the Adam's Mark to get me into Chez Panisse on a day's notice, and I'm hoping that's the case in NY as well...

Many thanks for help.


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  1. I like THOR in The Hotel on Rivington, but I think some people on this board may have been critical about this retaurant in the past.

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    1. re: iloveguacamole

      THOR? It is one of the least cozy restaurants in the city.

      Instead try The Orchard, Blue Hill, The Tasting Room, Prune, maybe Lupa but definitely not THOR unless they've completely reworked it.

    2. Five Points would fit the bill. Also Prune or Blue Hill. Congratulaions :)

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      1. re: oolah

        Five Points was embarrassingly bad - meaning every dish was b.a.d. - last time we were there (in town a few months ago for a special occasion that was seriously compromised by our meal). I think the owners' attention is elsewhere (Cookshop, etc.).

        1. Little Owl or August (although it does have pan-European influences)

          1. How about Hearth? Or maybe Savoy? I would also second the Blue Hill nomination.