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Feb 11, 2007 12:33 PM

Romantic in Asheville??

Hey there,

Does anyone know of a romantic place to eat in Asheville that's not too stuffy or overpriced? Just an imtimate little setting with good food?

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  1. There was a series of posts on just that thing last week entitled Salsa or Limones. Check it out. You can add the restaurant next door to Limones, called Ophelia's. It can be a little inconsistent but if you are looking for V day, surely they will have their game on.

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      I would suggest Sorrento's. The food is certainly not the best Italian I have ever had, but it is good, and my husband and I always have the best time when we are there. It is not expensive, certainly intimate (only about 15 tables or so), and the lady who owns it is quite a character. It always makes for a fun night out.

      Another suggestion would be wine and tapas at Zambra. Low lighting, great wine list and good tapas spell romance to me.

      PS - Salsa's is good, but by no means romantic. Limones could be, especially after a few of their delicious margaritas!

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        I would say Zambra, if you're not too hungry. It can get pricey if you order lots of things, or lots of wine. Ask for one of the tables in the back...I find the little alcove tables with all the ornate pillows on the banquet to be very romantic.

        Fig is romantic and not stuffy, but it is a little overpriced.

      2. Limones gets my vote - best restuarant in A'ville I think!

        1. I agree with Danna. I like Limones a lot but wouldn't call it romantic. Sorrento's is passable good Italian and it is dim and small...which could work for the romance angle.

          1. You might also consider Cafe on the Square

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            1. More a question than a recommendation, as I haven't been there in a long time -- any comments on Savoy?

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                food quality has been going downhill in recent years. Fig is a better bet.