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Lower Westchester - Restaurants for Private Party?

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I am looking at hosting a private party for approximately 30 adults. We were going to do it at Papa Razzi since it was always empty and the prices are reasonable, but they decided to close on us (probably because they were always empty ;) ).

Does anyone have any recommendations of restaurants in the White Plains / Mamaroneck / Rye area, that are good options for a private party that will not break the bank? We have looked at Enzo's on Mamaroneck Ave., but from the reviews that I have read on here, I'm thinking that they're not worth the $28 a person rate.

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  1. I was at Enzo's on two separate occasions, one involved a table of twelve -- and the service was abysmal. The food was no better than I can get anywhere else where there is decent service.

    I'm still looking for that 'great' Italian restaurant in Westchester, even at the exorbitant prices that are commonly charged, but for good food (this is imo) and good service if the owner is there, go to Pinocchio in Eastchester.

    I always found Graziella's in White Plains to be accomodating and the food was good as well.

    I believe both of the above might be more than $28. a person -- Emilio's is very nice for a party, but I know they are above $28. a person.

    Whatever you do, don't go to Gina Marie's.

    1. spiga in scardsale- reasonably priced and food has gotten better past 2 years- fun atmosphere and easy to get to.

      1. I'm definitely not locked in to Italian for this event. Thank you for confirming what I have read about Enzo's. Today I received a call back from the owner of Le Provencal Bistro and they have enough 18-20 dollar items on the menu that I can get 3 apps and 3 entrees w/ soda and coffee/tea for $35 per person. I have been there once with just the wife and we thought that it was a really good restaurant. Any other opinions on it would be greatly appreciated.

        I will also call Graziella's and Spiga tomorrow to see what they can do. Thanks all!

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          Love Le Provencal. Been many times, always excellent food and service with quaint atmosphere. Highly recommend.

        2. tada, I reallllly like Le Provencal Bistro, so much so that I memorized the table number where we usually sit. I like everything about the place, their service, their drinks and their really good all-you-can-eat mussels special. Their onion tart is delish, as is their dessert tart (lemon, I think). I guess I just like the place.

          I'm still on the hunt for a comparable Italian place.

          Janefoodie, what kind of cuisine is Plates? I have to put that on my 'must try' list.

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            You may also want to check out Chef Andre's in Harrison..just off Lake Avenue... I was part of a group dinner there, and the food (Italian) was amazing!! Chef Andre will make whatever you want - just give him a budget to work with... tell him you found out about him through a meetup-group organizer.... (me - Terry or my friend Raffaelle)

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              Isn't it Chef Andrea? If so, had quite a different experience there - rather miserable in fact. The food was so-so overall. One of the items we ordered, a pizza, did not come with the ingredients described on the menu - prosciutto. When we finally got our waitresses attention she acted like we were speaking a foreign language, we eventually got her to bring us the menu so we could show her the problem. She just shrugged her shoulders. We requested the pizza, now ice cold, be replaced witha new and correct version. She didn't understand why she should do anything about it. This went on for quite some time, we finally got the chef's wife who begrudgingly agreed to get us a new one. When it finally came out it was poorly cooked again. Add to this the dark, outdated, depressing decor and the experience was one I'd like to never repeat.

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                Yeah.. well I"ve heard that Chef Andrea needs some attitude adjustments...which may spread over to his staff, but he was very accomodating to our group.. and the food was truly what we were seeking - rustic/homestyle italian food for a sunday afternoon like grandma used to make! :)

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                  Holy cow...where is this place? Is it off Halstead Ave.?

                  What IS it with these restaurants and their attitudes?

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                    Dolores, I think Chef Andrea may be to me what Gina Marie is to you - such a bad experience I would never, ever give them my business again or offer a recommendation.

                    The restaurant is not in Harrison proper. It is in West Harrison - the neighborhood is called Silver Lake. It's actually an area North/East of White Plains, Northwest of Harrison proper. It is on a street called Lake Avenue. There's not much over there really.

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                      LOL, laylag, then I understand. It's your nemesis, your white whale. Thanks.

                      Now I know where you mean, of course. Via Appia until recently -- new ownership, really poor food and atmosphere even -- was one of our hangouts.

            2. Other suggestions in addition to La Provencal although no idea on the price points would be:
              Trattoria Vivolo in Harrison - Italian
              Pastina's - Central Park Avenue - I think it's Hartsdale?
              International/eclectic - Cafe Meze - Hartsdale
              Ruby's - Rye
              MacMenamin's - New Rochelle (they have a great smaller room space downstairs off the demonstration kitchen space. Saw a birthday party set up in their Saturday night for about 25-30 people. I think they'll work with you on price.

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                I second the MacMenamin's recommendation.

              2. It is a bit further south, but I recently did a dinner for 15 at Samba na Brassa, a churrascaria, in Mt Vernon. Everyone loved it, although we didn’t have any vegetarians. It is a huge restaurant and I think they have private rooms available. They have different pricing packages and you can choose to include drinks or not.

                We did a dinner a few years ago at La Provencal and it was very nice, although it isn’t a very big place. We had 25 people and it was a tight fit in their back room.

                I recently checked out Ruby's and if I remember correctly it was a $2500 minimum for the private room. However, it would probably also depend what night it is (I was looking for a Saturday).

                1. Thanks for all the help folks. We decided to go with Le Provencal. They have knocked down the wall, so it is no longer a small room in the back. For the party, we pretty much get the whole back of the restaurant. I also spoke to the manager at Plates, and they lower their prices for private parties, but they still range from 45-65 per person, which is more than we were looking on spending for our son's first birthday :). Le Provencal was very accomodating, and the chef even worked out a different recipe for us so that we could have completely different plates for chicken, fish and beef. (chicken and beef both had mushrooms, so he said he would work out a different sauce for the beef)

                  I REALLY appreciate everyone's help. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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                    Good choice, tada. Enjoy and congratulations on your son's first birthday!

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                      Agreed, great choice tada. I'm sure everyone will love it.

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                        Can you share the price they offered at Le Provencal? I'm considering having a party there, and am curious.

                      2. $30 per person not including soda and coffee. $5 extra for the beverages.

                        That included a choice of 4 apps and 4 entrees. We are providing the desert since it's a birthday party.

                        1. I just wanted to post a follow up about the party at Provencal Bistro.

                          This was for our son's first birthday. At that age, we knew it would be a party more for the adults, thus the choice. I really just wanted to relay to you folks my whole experience.

                          While coordinating the event, the owners were in constant email contact with me. We worked out the apps and entrees for the menu, what the header of the menu would say, etc. We wanted to stay on the $30 budget, and were able to choose 4 apps and 4 entrees. As it happened, the chicken and beef dishes both had mushrooms, which not everyone is a fan of, so the chef worked out a recipe for the short ribs where he changed the sauce and garnish and sides, so that mushroom wasn't in the recipe. This seems like a small detail, but really made us feel good about their attention to detail.

                          The day of the event, like most things in life, unexpected things came up. With us running out of time, the head waiter offered his help and ran to the balloon store to get the balloons, ran to the bank to get quarters for the street parking for the guests, etc. Once again, this really impressed us. We also had a slight problem with the cupcakes that we purchased weren't finished to my wife's liking (she had requested a message on the cupcakes for the guests, and the bakery didn't pull through). So they took the time to write the messages on the cupcakes before the guests arrived. It really was this attention to detail, and willingness to help that really impressed us...until....

                          The food. If you're expected a letdown in the review, sorry. The food was awesome. The guests could not stop raving about the food. It was very well prepared for so many dishes at once and the presentation was spot on. The service included 2 waiters and a bus boy, so dishes were not lingering and everything just really was executed well.

                          When it came time for the bill, everything was exactly as expected, no surprises. I am really not trying to rave about this place, just trying to give a personal review, but they really made this event awesome. I would strongly recommend Provencal to anyone looking for a place to host a private party.

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                            So glad to hear it was such a great successs Tada although I'm not surprised but the extra added service - cupcakes, balloon run etc, is really great to know. Also, since I'm one of the many here who recommended it without having had a private party there - only regular meals - I'm very happy I didn't steer you wrong.

                          2. I also attended a group dinner at Chef Andrea"s.It was delicious and the food and wine abundant.The atmosphere was like Italy,warm and festive.Its a great place to dine, good service,nice bar area.Chef and staff will accomodate any menu or group desires at reasonable prices.I reccomend it highly.Great for any small or large parties