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Feb 11, 2007 11:23 AM

Lower Westchester - Restaurants for Private Party?

I am looking at hosting a private party for approximately 30 adults. We were going to do it at Papa Razzi since it was always empty and the prices are reasonable, but they decided to close on us (probably because they were always empty ;) ).

Does anyone have any recommendations of restaurants in the White Plains / Mamaroneck / Rye area, that are good options for a private party that will not break the bank? We have looked at Enzo's on Mamaroneck Ave., but from the reviews that I have read on here, I'm thinking that they're not worth the $28 a person rate.

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  1. I was at Enzo's on two separate occasions, one involved a table of twelve -- and the service was abysmal. The food was no better than I can get anywhere else where there is decent service.

    I'm still looking for that 'great' Italian restaurant in Westchester, even at the exorbitant prices that are commonly charged, but for good food (this is imo) and good service if the owner is there, go to Pinocchio in Eastchester.

    I always found Graziella's in White Plains to be accomodating and the food was good as well.

    I believe both of the above might be more than $28. a person -- Emilio's is very nice for a party, but I know they are above $28. a person.

    Whatever you do, don't go to Gina Marie's.

    1. spiga in scardsale- reasonably priced and food has gotten better past 2 years- fun atmosphere and easy to get to.

      1. I'm definitely not locked in to Italian for this event. Thank you for confirming what I have read about Enzo's. Today I received a call back from the owner of Le Provencal Bistro and they have enough 18-20 dollar items on the menu that I can get 3 apps and 3 entrees w/ soda and coffee/tea for $35 per person. I have been there once with just the wife and we thought that it was a really good restaurant. Any other opinions on it would be greatly appreciated.

        I will also call Graziella's and Spiga tomorrow to see what they can do. Thanks all!

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          Love Le Provencal. Been many times, always excellent food and service with quaint atmosphere. Highly recommend.

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