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Feb 11, 2007 10:56 AM

Harbour 60 - order advice

Recently went to Harbour 60 for the first time not on my dime. I will definitely go again on my own dime for a special occasion but I would order more smartly the next time.

Ordered the bone-in rib at the recommendation of the server. When the gigantic steak arrived it was obvious the place takes pride in 'excess and impress'. I ordered it medium-rare but as the problem with bone-in steaks, the nearer the bone, the rarer the steak it. So the outer part of the steak was actually medium, which was a waste of the fine meat. It was only when I made my way inside the medium-rare part that I was allowed to enjoy the exceptional quality of the steak. By that time I was too full to enjoy anything. Next time, I would opt for the rib-eye and to share it with someone instead of trying to engulf it on my own. It's too bad the only 'normal' sized steak on the menu is the filet mignon. Have your date or friend order the seafood mains or the filet mignon, which seem to be of more normal size, and share with them. It's bad karma to waste any food, let alone a $50 steak.

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  1. A rib steak ordered medium-rare should be medium-rare on the outer part, and closer to rare near the bone. Your steak was overcooked.

    In my opinion, a good, well-marbled rib steak is the most flavourful cut of steak. And I'm never embarrassed to pick up the bone and gnaw it bare.

    1. Please give me your idea of proper steak temperature colours...from Blue, right down to Well Done. (Keeping in mind that most steakhouse restaurants have their steaks cut from 1.5"-2") Maybe you can tell me if my steak is over cooked! Lol

      1. A rib steak, especially from the chuck end of the rib is comprised of 2 muscles which cook at slighly different rates so it is not uncommon for bone in rib steaks and sometimes rib eyes to have a slight variance in internal temperature. This is even more evident in porterhouses where you have 2 vastly different muscles within the same steak. Invariably the filet will be more well done than the striploin. C'est la vie. As for ordering correctly it is not out of line to order one steak such as a bone in rib or porterhouse and split it between the 2 of you especially if you are ordering apps and dessert. I have done this many times and the kitchen has gladly sliced it for easier sharing and never been made to feel uncomfortable.