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outdoor brunch on westside

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need a good sunday brunch place on the westside (santa monica or brentwood preferred) - we want to sit outside. thanks!

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  1. Polo Lounge in the BH Hotel on Sunset. Great ambiance.

    1. Joe's or Lilly's in Venice.

      1. Literati II has outdoor seating and offers a brunch menu.

        1. IIRC Shutters on the Beach or One Pico has outdoor seating.

          Coral Tree Cafe has an outside patio.

          1. Rose Cafe on Main St/Rose in Venice

            1. Back on Broadway on Broadway in Santa Monica

              1. French Market Cafe on Abbot Kinney in Venice

                1. Recommendations are all over the place here...what's most important? Food? coffee? menu vs. buffett? champagne? beach close? Casual, formal vibe? How big a group? Reservations or not? romantic....?

                  Just to help you sort a little bit:
                  Great food: Joe's
                  Fun/Yummy: James Beach (my personal favorite)
                  French Market Cafe: cheaper, self-service, parking lot ambiance, great coffee
                  One Pico: Gorgeous, pricey
                  Literati II: standard, neighborhood place, non-offensive and not memorable, pretty flowers on the patio