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Boston to Stowe

We will be traveling from Boston to Stowe this April and will be spending 5 days in Stowe. Can you recommend some must have on the way to and from and while in Stowe. Thanks!

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  1. For an upscale lunch, Simon Pierce in Quechee VT.

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      I know everyone seems to love Simon Pierce, but in both my experiences there - once for lunch and once for supper - both within the last year - I get a nicely presented meal, in a beautiful setting, that is lacking of "amazing" flavours. I would say on a 1 to 10, I'd give it a 5 for food [not bad, not great], 10 for setting, and 7 for presentation/menu.

      All that stated - I'd say to check that place out cause most people love it there, and I think its a neat place to visit.

      What price range are you looking for? If you want upscale type stuff - I'd recommend Hen of the Wood in Waterbury, VT - exit 10, right before you shoot up 100 to Stowe.

    2. Be sure top take the 40 minute ride into Burlington. Plenty of recs on CH for dining options.

      1. We'll be travelling with two children ages 4 and 11. Don't really want upscale restaurants. Thanks.

        1. There are at least a couple of Common Man restaurants along your way, I think. Check http://www.thecman.com/. Good comfort food and nice, casual atmosphere. I've gone there with kids before and they always liked it, as did I. My favorite is still the original in Ashland, but that's north of 89.

          1. I find that the Common Man group puts out very gloppy, over processed food, that characterizes the worst of new England. The Perfect Pear Cafe is lcoated just off exit 16, on interstate 91 north. It's all natural, local and the best of the region. Soup to turkey sandwich to pulled pork and great salads. Very nice small Vt town.

            1. Our favorite place in Stowe is the restaurant in Ye Olde England Inn. Amazing beer list, and very good food. We were there for a wedding this summer and took our 5 year old - she loved it though it's not a typical "kid" place.

              1. Ye Olde English Inn (Mr Pickwick's) is pretty good, or used to be. From what I recall, the executive chef moved on to Five Spice cafe in November '06 (which recently burned down). As such, the food/menu could be better, worse or the same

                For kids - I would definitely check out Pie in the Sky across the street. That would fit the bill.

                1. While it's not as good as when it used to be in it's tiny location across the street (eons ago), a visit to Stowe isn't complete for me unless I grab breakfast at McCarthy's. Still worth a stop. Also, The Alchemist - http://www.alchemistbeer.com/ - in nearby Waterbury is worth a stop - solid pub food, with some good beer choices for Mom and Dad, if that's your thing.

                  1. I've done the Ben & Jerry's ice cream tour with kids, it's right off the highway on the way to Stowe. In Stowe, we went to the Blue Moon Cafe (without kid) and Flavor (with kid). I'd go back to both.