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Feb 11, 2007 09:21 AM

Traveling from San Fransisco to Seattle

My boyfriend and I are flying into San Fransisco and driving up to Portland and then to Seattle. We are stopping overnight somewhere (no idea where yet) in between San Fran and Portland. Any suggestions for places to try on our drive up, and in Portland or Seattle are welcome. We are young travelers on a budget who also enjoy great food. Nothing fancy, just good! Help!

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  1. There is some really excellent barbeque in NE Portland. I lived in Portland for over three years and I still kick myself for not trying out those restaurants until right before I left. I especially loved Russell Street Barbeque. The meat was sublime, the sauces wonderful, the french fries were perfection, and heck, they even had homemade root beet the last time I was there.

    For cheap quick dinner, Mi Wa for Vietnamese in Portland.

    Do try to do a good long chunk of your drive on 101! (There's a PHENOMENAL brew pub in Pacific City near a huge seastack....)

    1. Hopefully you'll have the time to drive the coast highway through Oregon. I recommend stopping in Cannonn Beach, lots of fun places...My BF has a serious soft spot for Pig n' Pancake (pancake house/diner) there are some hip pubs and cafes in the little downtown area, nothing too extravagant or expensive. It's the perfect place go get out of your car and have a walk on the beach, even in the witer.

      1. If you're driving up I-5, there aren't a whole lot of really stellar choices. I can recommend a couple.

        Jack's Bar and Grill in Redding is a classic dive that dates back to 1938. If nothing fancy is what you want, nothing fancy is what you'll get here--but the steaks are out of this world!

        For great road food, you can't beat Jimmy's Classic Drive-In in Grants Pass. It's a locally-owned place with a surprisingly extensive menu of specialty burgers and all the trimmings. The burgers are huge, messy, and delicious, the fries are hand-cut and made to order, and the malts are hand-dipped and really chocolaty. they're not too far off the freeway and definitely worth hunting down.

        1. I suggest you scroll back on this board and you'll find many great ideas.
          For BBQ in PDX: Podnah's on NE 15 & Prescott. Other PDX:
          Pizza: Ken's Artisan
          Dim Sum on
          Thai: pok pok
          Wong's King for dim sum
          Hot Chocolate: Sahagun
          For more great ideas go to for plenty of other budget choices.
          Consider stopping in Ashland to eat.
          Also in southern Oregon is Dagoba Chocolate, and possibly they do tours and samples.
          In Bay City on the Oregon coast, try Pacific Oyster on the jetty for oysters and dungeness crab lunch.

          1. If you are driving up on I-5. Stop in Ashland OR, just over the CA border. there are several decent restaurants there and the best choice I've found between Seattle and SF.

            I like Tahi Pepper. Very good, although more fusion that actual Thai. Others here have run across slow service here, but I haven't had a bad experience ever.

            Cucina Biazzi has a nice prix fixe italian dinner.

            Beasy's on the Creek is always very dependable.

            Search on Ashland for other threads also.