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Feb 11, 2007 08:54 AM

Boston for 5 days

We will be traveling to Boston with two children ages 11 and 4. Can you recommend some kid friendly eats around downtown. Nothing fancy, but good. Looking for a good italian in the north end, local seafood, have to have the kids try the fried dough (ugh), historical stuff would be fun too. We'll probably spend some time near Bunker Hill, Old Ironsides. Also plan to go to Red Sox game too. Any local reccommendations will be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Since I presume you're going to be coming here post April 1, Kelley's Roast Beef is kind of a local landmark. It's on Revere Beach on the Blue line. You can knock out your fried dough thing there (and there ain't nothin wrong with that), as well as get a pretty decent Lobster roll and, of course, roast beef sandwiches. Go during the day or early evening.

    I don't know where you're coming from, but if you don't have a Chinatown, a dim sum breakfast would be fun, kid friendly and easy on the wallet as well. I've only been a few time to Emperor's Garden, but I think the other hounders on here prefer some other places.

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      We will be plan to be in town to watch our local team, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (I hate saying that) play the Red Sox.

    2. What about Fajitas and Ritas? My cousins who have small children always go there when they are here and love it!

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        1. Durgin Park would be a good historic place. Antico Forno for dinner in the north end. You can get fried dough in Downtown Crossing from a vendor and of course around Fenway Park. Good pizza at Cambridge 1 in Harvard Sq. and the aforementioned Bartley's Burgers. Go off hours so you don't have to wait.

          1. Pizzeria Regina is an institution, a board favorite, and definitely kid friendly, though definitely go to the original in the North End. The new one in Medford is great for us locals nearby, but tourists should definitely go to the original.

            I'd also suggest a trip to Chinatown, which would be universally kid friendly. Taiwan Cafe is a board favorite, as is Peach Farm. Dim sum might also be fun at Hei La Moon, China Pearl, or Grand Chau Chau.

            And while it gets mixed reviews on the board, if you won't be leaving the city, you could do worse than to get a taste of the New England clam shack at Jasper White's Summer Shack. Stick with the raw bar and fried seafood. Of course, if you're up for a drive, you'd be much better off heading up north to Essex or Ipswich for the real deal.