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Feb 11, 2007 08:18 AM

Any Ethiopian places?


My wife and I just moved back to Austin from Atlanta, where we got hooked on Ethiopian food. We're looking for a fix. I've looked online but haven't found any places. So I thought I would try here. Any help would be appreciated.



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  1. Sadly, you will have to drive to Houston for the nearest Ethiopian restaurant, unless Elgin has one hidden away somewhere. There is just not a large enough Ethiopian population in Austin to support one. I understand that there is a little selection of prepared/packaged Ethiopian food available at Whole Foods. The woman who supplies it also sells at a booth at the Saturday morning farmers' market on 4th St., but it is cold and cannot compare to a good sit down restaurant.

    1. It looks like one is opening up close to UT. Just noticed it yesterday on the way into work--right by the highway when you're exiting the ramp to Dean Keaton. Not sure what their timeline is, but will definitely check it out.

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        Wonderful news! Can you be a bit more specific about the location?

      2. i'll check name and address tomorrow on the way in--they may have an opening date sign up, but i wizzed by so fast i didn't notice.

        1. I drove back by this morning. The sign says, "Aster's Ethiopian Restaurant Coming Soon" and there isn't an address, but it's on the southbound access road of I-35 just at the turn-off for Dean Keaton--kind of wedged in there. Not a great location and place looks like it needs A LOT of work, so not telling when it will actually open.

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            I think that Aster is the lady that supplies Ethiopian food to some local outlets and was an owner of an Austin Ethiopian restaurant several years ago. If so, that is good news and I'll be looking forward to eating there.

          2. I moved here from Washington DC which has a great Ethiopian restaurant scene. I am sorry to say that I was really disappointed in Aster's restaurant when it was open and have never tried the frozen food for that reason. I wish them great success in their new restaurant, and Austin needs a good Ethiopian restaurant, but I would prepare for let-down.