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Feb 11, 2007 08:16 AM

Funky Diner

Anyone been?

Looks good.

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  1. i don't even know where to start. i went two weeks ago and have been wanting to warn people on this site but haven't had the time to write an appropriate post. either that or i was stunned silent. the menu looks really cool and i like what they did with it inside but... oh my god!!

    i gotta make this quick right now but i just couldn't ignore this post so i am hoping this won't sound too disjointed.

    like a complete idiot, i ordered the $8 french fries b/c they sounded cool - sea salt, vinegar and garlic aioli. did i say 'oh my god?' i knew the price was ridiculous despite how great they could have been but i was curious.

    i also ordered the mac and cheese with bread crumbs . when i asked for it well done, the waiter (who was very inexperienced) looked surprised and didn't quite know what to do. he then agreed that they could do that but it seemed like he was just being polite.

    well, they brought out a small dish of normal looking fries with a bowl of undercooked mac and cheese. the mac and cheese was tasteless and the fries were neither good nor bad. i guess you could say they were tasteless as well. just fries with a small dish of sea salt.

    now for the garlic aioli. i love aioli and i love garlic. no garlic is too much for me. i have NEVER tasted anything like this before. it was all chunky with a super-strong taste of garlic. it was like butter mixed with 20 cloves of garlic. it was so awful i couldn't eat it even though i kept trying.

    .... and now for the vinegar. there was one drop (maybe two) of vinegar . that's it.
    i don't really understand this. i heard another waitress describe the fry dish to two people who had asked what i had. she told them i should have gotten more vinegar with it. i later asked the waiter who told me no.

    i also saw one of the managers (??) treat the waiter in a very dismissive, rude way just because he asked a question. this really turned me off .

    while i understand the place is mostly for kids (and that i was completely foolish to order $8 fries), i think the prices are ridiculously high to the point where it is a disgrace. the food is regular diner food that is not particularly good. to me, it looks like they are pushing off mediocre food from a creative menu in an ultra modern place for 3 times what it is worth hoping that the rich uws parents (who send their kids next door) will buy into it b/c the place looks cool. shame on them!

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          1. It appears to be replaced now with Cafe Blossom. Does anyone know more?

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                I too went to the Funky Diner once, once.. Had a very familiar experience with slow service and average food.. I was thinking to myself, my g-d this place cost them a ton of cash to open.. Then, I thought to myself, there hasn't been anyone in here for a real long time..

                The place was destined to fail.. Especially when Homers down the street has a better menu, a loyal fan base, and nicer staff... And beer just like Funky Diner did/does..

                The only thing that made me more sad for Funky Diner and less angry about the price of food was a promotional coupon.

                The little one went with the mac and cheese.. Though very skinny, I almost did not let her eat her food because of how laden with butter and unhealthy it was.. I could not believe that this was what they would serve to children. A pump or to of ez cheese would have been more healthy and probably better tasting.

                Finally, service was slow, friendly but, extremely slow.. And you can tell by the time we got there, they were already cutting back on staff and supplies.. A coke float had very little ice cream, something else stodd out but, it escapes me...

                Anyway, poor market planning, expensive start up, bad food, bad staff.. Sounds like all the makings for an UWS success story..