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Feb 11, 2007 07:18 AM

Dinner recommendation

Am an ex-pat who will be visiting London for a couple of days later this month and am looking for some recommendations for dinner on Saturday night. Will be staying in Canary Wharf so looking for somewhere that is easy transport-wise - London Bridge perhaps?

We're keen foodies and looking for something fairly relaxed and reasonable value. Will be catching up with friends so no loud venues!

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  1. From Canary Wharf, it's really easy to get to Bond Street (still the Jubilee line) so I'd widen your circle a bit.
    By London Bridge, I like Tapas Brindisa, but it will fail on your noise quotient. Check ahead and see if they do bookings.
    If you like seafood, Wright Brothers Oyster Bar in Borough Market (also close to London Bridge) is also fun.
    A shortish walk from Bond Street, try The Providores on Marylebone High Street. I suppose you could call it Modern European with a little Asian twist? Not sure. Chef is from New Zealand and so is most of the wine. Downstairs is small but more fun. Not sure about bookings there either.

    1. I'm not sure what your budget is, but Magdalen near London Bridge will satisfy anyone foodie. It's quite new and already a hot table - I went last night and we had to wait 20 minutes for a table (on a Tuesday!). Worth the wait though.

      More words and pics here:

      1. In Canary Wharf itself you have Royal China - still some of the best Dim Sum in London. Or take the Jubilee Line a couple of stops to Southwark - there you have the Anchor & Hope for very good English-focused food (one of the better gastropubs in London - but no booking) or Mar e Terra (very good tapas) in Gambia St. Roast in Borough Market itself is worth a punt, and around the market I'd second Brindisa, and Fish! is worth a look.

        1. I really like The Garrison which is a gastropub near London Bridge (99 Bermondsey Street) - we took some Australian friends there and all had a superb meal and I certainly didn't notice it being noisy. We managed to maintain a 7-person conversation without having to split up into little groups. I agree with SpikeyD about The Anchor & Hope - I think it's well worth the wait for a table any day of the week. Fabulous, proper British food done beautifully. Though it's not for dinner, if you're near London Bridge do pop in to Neal's Yard dairy at 6 Park Street, just off Borough Market, and get them to let you taste some of the cheeses you're not allowed to buy in the US. It's artery-fillingly fabulous.

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            I agree with BritishNancy and SpikeyD about the Anchor & Hope. If you guys haven't tried Magdalen yet, do . . . the food style is similar to the A&H. including dishes to share, it has the advantages that it's closer to Borough Market and you can make reservations.

          2. Thank you for all your replies. I think I'm going to go with the Anchor & Hope - will let you know how I get on. Really looking forward to coming back and sampling some good food in some gastropubs (don't really have that concept over here). Off to the The Drapers Arms during our visit too so if anyone has any views on that would be interested.....