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Feb 11, 2007 06:52 AM

Chocolate Bar and Magnolia Bakery

Are these places worth the trip? What do you think of the cupcakes at the Magnolia? Also, we would like to go to a chocolate shop, where you can sit and enjoy the chocolate offerings..would the Chocolate Bar be the best place to go?

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  1. I'm not a big fan of Magnolia. I prefer Billy's and Amy's for baked goods. The chocolate bar is a very small shop with some limited seating in back and at a front counter. There are some fun chocolate bars, and I enjoy the hot chocolate, but I don't think it's worth going out of your way for.

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        Billy's is on 9th Ave at 21st St. Amy's is in Chelsea Market, on Bleecker between 7th and Carmine, and there's a location in Hell's Kitchen as well. All of this info can easily be found online.

    1. i don't think magnolia is the best and i heard they just raised the price to $2/cupcake. but, i do think it's worth a trip because the cupcakes are good and it's a cute place. they are known for their banana pudding. i like crumbs cupcakes because of the variety and sugar sweet sunshine is solid as well.

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        i like sugar sweet sunshine better as well...though i really do like magnolia's banana pudding

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          I tried their banana pudding recently and I think I prefer the banana pudding at the cupcake place on 2d ave around 55th street. is that billy's? Of course I'm comparing the magnolia pudding with my memory of the other pudding.

        2. Try Jacques Torres for the chocolate shop. You can sit at the bar with your hot chocolate.
          On Varick just below Houston.

          1. I think Magnolia is a complete hype. I live in the neighborhood, could go there when there's no line and absolutely would not. The banana pudding there is fine. The cupcakes are too sicky sweet. Try Crumb on 8th St. for fabulous cupcakes.

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              I agree with your view on Magnolia. Their cupcakes are gross! They're 1/2 icing!

            2. I agree, Magnolia is driven purely by hype though the scene can be fun and on a warm spring evening....nothing beats the neighborhood atmosphere. I'm also not a fan of super sweet cupcakes and prefer Cupcake Cafe for that reason.

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                  According to their website, 545 9th Avenue and 18 West 18th Street.


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                  While magnolia is definitely on the sweet side, i'm not a fan of Cupcake Cafe. The frosting really tastes like butter - yes it's buttercream, but it was entirely too heavy tasting for me. Definitely the prettiest though.

                  Sugar Sweet Sunshine is my new fav.