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Feb 11, 2007 06:46 AM

Flour on Farnsworth by the Children's Museum?

Has anyone been? Any reports on this new location? I know it's the same key people, menu, etc -- but is it as great? Are "kinks" being worked out?

Flour has always been on my wish list but getting to the South End is a challenge -- this new location is within easy walking distance for lunch or breakfast for me -- very excited to try it!

Details here:

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  1. Had a very good chicken and brie sandwich from there (think it was $7). Be warned though, the place can be a zoo at lunch time --with long lines. Nice space and I had no problem with the service.

    1. i was there about a week ago. Had a roast lamb sandwich and my companion had a roast beef, Both with great extras and terrific bread. nice artsy space , definitely a really welcome addition to the neighborhood.

      1. I have been several times since they opened and there appear to be NO kinks to work out. It can get busy at lunch time but the staff is friendly and quick. Excellent muffins and coffee in the AM (and not the over sized kind you find everywhere). Love the roasted chick. guac and jicama sandwich at lunch. The breads are a dream. I hear that Barbara.L. is opening just down the block. Hard to believe. Who knew this area would become a foodie mecca?