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Las Vegas first weekend in March

Hi coming from NYC to Las Vegas. Staying at Caesars. Have booked Aureole, Tao and Mesa Grill. Are these places actually good or am I wasting my time and money? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks

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  1. Mesa is great! I can't speak to the other two.

    1. A couple of thoughts...both Aureole and Mesa are in NYC....although the Aureole in LV is spectacular, with the wine tower. The last time I was at Aureole, the food didn't live up to the decor, though. I'd consider substituting Fleur de Lys in the MB which is terrific. I haven't eaten at Tao; I've heard mixed things, but it depends if you are going to stay and go to the club, and make an evening of it, or just going for food. My favorite restaurant in the Venetian is Bouchon, which I think is terrific and probably similarly priced or cheaper than Tao. Another beautiful and tasty restaurant for Asian is in the Wynn..Okada. Really pretty room and great food....

      1. I agree with lvnvflyer - suggest you sub Fleur de Lys for Aureole. We've eaten at Aureole a few times and Fleur de Lys twice. Most recent experience at Aureole was disappointing food-wise, Fleur de Lys was fantastic both times. I would suggest Mesa for lunch rather than for dinner, to me it's not quite up to par for a dinner spot. If you want a steak, try N9NE at the Palms, very fun vibe and decent food. Bouchon is wonderful too.

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          I would definitely substitute Fleur de Lys for Aureole. To be fair, I have never been to Aureole but at the same time I've never heard anything positive about it -- only horror stories. Fleur de Lys, on the other hand, is fantastic. I had a great meal when I was there and nearly everyone I know who has visited there has had the same experience. The cheese course alone at FdL is outstanding and worth the visit.

        2. Since you're staying at Caesar's, you should also look at Bradley Ogden for one of your dinners...I've heard the food at Tao is terrible.

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            The food at Tao isnt terrible, it's just mediocre and overpriced. Went last year and wouldnt go again. I agree with lvnvflyer, Bouchon is a better choice.

          2. Mesa Grill in LV is better than the one in NYC (I'm from NY and been to both). Loved Mesa in LV completely, had a great dinner there. Good pick on that one, stick with it, you won't be disappointed especially if you haven't been to the one in NY yet.

            I have not been to the Aureole in LV but have been to the one in NYC which was quite remarkable the night I was there, and have heard from many (as evidenced by the above posts) that it does not compare to the NYC outpost. Since you're from NY, I wouldn't bother as others have said - go to the one in NY if you haven't been.

            Totally agree about Bouchon - it's one of my all time favorite restaurants anywhere.

            I also have heard from many that Tao is awful.

            1. i echo the comments about auereole / fleur de lys....as to tao...got sucked into going once because of friends visiting and wanting to hit the "cool" spots - i thought the food was ok...yet i cannot tell you a specific standout dish...and yeah...it's pricey...but it gets you into the niteclub and that's the only reason to go.

              1. There's so many fantastic restaurants in Vegas, it's hard to choose! I wish I could go to all the places I'd like to go to. We hit a steak place and one other 'nice' place each trip. I'm leaning towards Stripsteak or Craftsteak for steak and Fleur De Lys or Bradley Ogden for the other, but... I hear Mario Batali is going to have two restaurants in Palazzo, so if they're open when we're there this fall, will almost certainly want to try one.

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                  Where did you hear there were going to be 2 Batali restaurants? And why would he do that? I know for sure one is going in.

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                    I think I first heard about it on egullet.com forums, it's on the Batali website

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                      Oh, I see. The first is by Delmonico and the second will be upstairs, in the shopping plaza area and will be the (most likely) less expensive of the two - and I'm using the term "less expensive" lightly :-)

                      Can't wait for both. If I'm lucky the next time I'm out there B&B should be open.

                2. Thanks to all that replied! I was actually going to Aureole for the wine tower!! but if the food isn't up to par I may just switch to Fleur De Lys! Tao is for a large group for dinner, any ideas on a fun place for a large group not in their twenties? !!

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                    How much are you looking at spending, at what taste preferences/aversions do people in the group have?

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                      We are 8 not looking to spend a fortune the most important thing is the food and the place!! No sushi!

                  2. Mesa Grill is fantastic. went there for Sunday brunch. So so good.
                    Dinner I'm sure is even better.

                    1. I was at Aureole recently. I would say the food is good (we had beef Duo, Oyster, Ahi Tuna, Squab) but not excellent, except the dessert which is below average for the two choices we picked.

                      However, I really think the wine tower is spectacular. We are not regret going there.

                      1. There's a TAO in NYC as well...

                        As always, I agree with a big yes to Bouchon! Try the braised pork. I will go back just for that. Heavenly.

                        Not fine dining by any stretch, but for breakfast one morning your group should check out the Peppermill. It's old Vegas style & fun. You can search for more input about it on this forum. I'm not sure if they have a table for 8, however they do have huge booths & I'm sure you could get 2 next to each other...