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Feb 11, 2007 06:23 AM

Heng's Sushi and Thai

I recently visited Heng's Sushi and Thai in Springton Delaware Country and had to share my experience in the hopes others will not have a similar experience. This was our first time there and it was an early dinner (6:00) this past Saturday; the restaurant at that time was quite empty. My husband and I ordered a specialty role and two entrees, the Tango Shrimp and the Masaman Curry with chicken.

First, the sushi took 45 minutes to arrive at our table. After waiting 35 minutes I waved down someone that looked like the owner or manager and requested that they investigate as we were starving at that point. No one returned to explain how much longer we would be waiting. After an additional 10 minutes the role finally arrived. There was no apology and no one returned to the table to explain until I asked if this type of service was typical (it obviously isn’t otherwise no one would ever go there but I was quite frustrated with the service). They said they had a new sushi chef. The role was quite good, but not 45 minutes wait good.

As our entrées, we ordered the Tango Shrimp (2 spicy stars out of 4) and the Masaman Curry with chicken, (3 spicy starts out of 4). The Tango Shrimp was a nice size with an abundance of shrimp but was in no way spicy. The Masaman Curry was slightly spicy, but if you like heat, you’ll have to go with 4 stars. Overall the entrees were quite small for the $14 - $19 charged especially and in comparison to other Thai restaurants.

We intestinally paid on our way out, at the door. They avoided asking us how things were at all cost, and made no eye contact. Had they asked we would have told them we wouldn’t have expected to pay for the sushi role after waiting 45 minutes for it and the $2.00 can of coke was offensive. We will never return given all the other Thai and Sushi places in the area.

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  1. jennw36, was this in Springfield?

    Heng's has a newer location in Newtown Square... we've been back a few times and always had top notch service & great food. I don't remember seeing sushi on that menu though, just thai. Also, they are usually pretty empty while we're there, so that might account for better service as well.

    We usually get dumplings as an appetizer, which are obviously freshly made and pretty great. For the main course, I always get the shrimp pad thai, very generous portion and yummy. Can't remember what my boyfriend got, but his was great as well.

    1. Amandaw33, I guess it may technically be Newtown Square. I wasn't sure and I know it's pretty close to Springton Lake. It's on 252 south of Alberto's. The sushi is new-ish, I assume with the sign outside saying "We now have sushi" or something like that.

      I must say that they didn't plan well for a busy Saturday night with one sushi chef. Give it a little while longer, hopefully they will work things out.

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        I made it there late on a Thursday night, and it seemed rather quiet. I didn't have quite the same problems with the service or the food as others, and everyone there seemed rather nice.

        My only gripe would be that the plates seemed a little big, so for the number of dishes my girlfriend and I ordered, the table seemed too small.

      2. We were also at the newtown square Heng's, probably in early January. It was a Saturday night after 7pm I think. The place was pretty crowded, but we had the same problem, the food took forever. We eventually got some of the soup and stuff after we asked. The other food took over 45 minutes and the sushi may have been even longer that night. Again there was no real warning or explanation, very little attention at all. We did tell the manager and he gave us some percentage off. Still it sounds like things have not improved.

        1. I also visited the Newtown Square location and had a very poor experience. They completely forgot about my soup and the pad thai was awful tasting. The service was terrible and I was pretty shocked when I sent back the pad thai and the waiter brought it back to the table and told me that the chef had TASTED IT and said it was just fine.

          1. Heng's in springfield is generally pretty good. Not overly crowded and good service.