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Feb 11, 2007 03:56 AM

LG French Door Fridge

I am seriously considering this applicance. It looks to be the same model as the GE profile, but with different handles and surface finish.

Can anyone provide some insight to these fridges? The french doors make a lot of sense for my space. However, reading previous posts there seems to be a concern for the way the sealing is achieved in these sister models -- they involve the two magnetic gaskets coming together, so I assume both doors should open and close at the same time. Even so, the sliding of one magnet along the next is an invite for eventual tearing. The Amana/Maytag/KitchenAid/JennAir model uses the separate 'flippy' device to make the seal which seems to be less likely to wear.

I really like the look of the LG but if I'm going to have problems with it and more importantly getting any service (I'm in Toronto) it's an easy answer to go for the Amana line.

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  1. I have a friend that has one, and she likes it -- however one funny aside is that if if it is the stainless steel-looking one, the doors are not magnetic. (If that matters to you!) The older models (around 2 yrs ago) anyway. I know her doors open at the same time, or independently.