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Feb 11, 2007 02:54 AM

Elmira-Buffalo, NY BBQ

Anyone have any suggestions for BBQ in and around this part of NY?? Thanks in advance..

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  1. I am a fan on One Eye Jacks in Lockport ( Also Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit in Depew (cannot seem to find a website).

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    1. re: L_W

      In my opinion these are the two top spots in WNY. You probably can't do any better.

    2. Sure there are more places.....

      In Buffalo - Buffalo BBQ and Brew (Elmwood and Great Arrow) gets my vote for best BBQ. There's Fat Bobs on Virginia St, Lee's on Fillmore Ave.

      Closer to Elmira is good-old Dinosaur-BBQ in both Roc and Syr. Great places that have been there for ages with tons of local flavor. And some bikers...