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Feb 10, 2007 09:24 PM

Grilled Cheese Sandwich ... fried or toasted?

As I understand it, your typical grilled cheese sandwich isn't really grilled in the traditional sense, but rather fried (i.e., spreading butter either on the bread itself or melting butter in a skillet and then frying each side of the sandwich).

But I actually like to have my grilled cheese sandwich toasted in a toaster oven sans butter. To me, it's a better way to taste the cheese and bread, without the distraction from the frying oil/butter.

How do you prefer your grilled cheese prepared?

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  1. I just bought a panini sandwich press today and it has made the most yummy grilled cheese sandwiches. And they are not greasy at all.

    1. My parents used to make open faced cheese sandwiches under the broiler. Bread was toasted on one side, turned over, topped with cheese and slice of bacon, and broiled till the cheese melted and bacon cooked (more or less).

      They also made the two sided sandwiches in a waffle iron with reversible grids. They normally buttered the outside. But with my panini grill, I usually leave the butter off (or just use a brief spray of oil), and have been just as happy with the result. White bread might benefit more from the butter than the multigrain stuff I usually use.


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        That's the method I use - but only because in the US they don't seem to make ovens with eye-level grills which are the norm in the U.K. - also ideal for grilling kippers, sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms in the morning - Anyone else noticed that UK ovens have this feature as standard?

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          My dad used to mkae us the open faced cheese and bacon sandwiches, too. In the summertime, we used to love them with a slice of just picked garden tomato.

        2. Thickly sliced challah is a must. Grilled in a griller.

          1. My daughter likes it cooked in a skillet with butter, I like it sans butter/oil in a George Foreman Grill (a gift from my folks) - which makes for a nice, cheap panini-style press, btw. To each his own...

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              I do the Foreman grill and leave out the butter, too. The direct heat on the surface of the bread gives it nice caramelization that you don't get from the toaster oven.

            2. I like mine open faced broiled. First I toast the bread while heating the broiler in my oven. Then I lightly butter the bread on one side. Add thinly sliced tomato, freshly ground salt and pepper, and extra sharp cheddar on top. Then I broil until bubbly. Sometimes I omit the tomatoes when they're not in season.