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Feb 10, 2007 09:18 PM

DFW Dallas Oysters

Is there anywhere in town to get oysters from New England?
Not from the Gulf Coast, please.
Miss me some Wellfleets.

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  1. Oceanaire by the Galleria is the only place I can think of them that will have oysters from New England. Go to their website which they update daily and it will give you the fresh catches of the day that they have flown in. Website is

    1. What about Craft? They had a good selection when I was there before christmas.

      1. Well, I tried McCormick & Schmick's and the oysters were wonderful. Here is my review: . One of the types of oysters I had that night was Wellfleet. Sounds like you are a big fan, so you are probably familiar with the seasons, but they have a list of what's available:

        I am usually anti-chain, but in this case, they do a very nice job. Having seafood flown in twice daily is pretty impressive - especially in the middle of Dallas.

        McCormick & Schmick's
        307 NorthPark Center
        Dallas, Texas 75225
        (214) 891-0100

        I have also been to Craft, here is the review: , They also had Wellfleet oysters(and others from NE). The oysters were wonderful, but the atmosphere left something to be desired for me. I am just not a very "trendy" type restaurant person.

        Craft Dallas
        2440 Victory Park Ln. Suite 100
        Dallas, Tx 75219

        Overall, the experiences directly related to the oysters were both wonderful. For the price, non pretentious service and atmosphere, I would go with McCormick & Schmick's. (OMG... a chain, I know... I can't believe it myself).

        1. Y'all are fab. Thanks for the tips.

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            I'm a texan seafood lover who loves oysters (but has probably only had Gulf type?) and have never been to an oyster bar...

            any tips you have, O experienced one :)?

            1. re: captainshen

              I am definitely not the knower of all things oyster, but I do know what I like!! :o)
              Here are a few sites that sum it up nicely...


     This one has pictures...

              One look at the pics and you'll know if you have been eating Pacific Oysters. They are huge. Usually used on the west coast for BBQ or stews, not raw... except maybe for Tomales Bay.

              As far as going to an oyster bar, go with someone who knows what they are doing... One dose of bad raw oyster and you'll be just this side of a hospital visit. They should not smell vinegary or fishy in any way... maybe a slight salt, coppery smell if you get REAL close. Should be served on ice - nice and cold. I think all three places listed above are a safe bet if you can't find an experienced oyster lover to pal around with... Order a nice glass of champagne and you are set!!

              Hope this helps!!

              1. re: soapgirl

                Thanks so much! I'll definately try these..
                Also, I've heard some really good stuff about The Old Monk off of Henderson (I think) over by Greenville ave area. I just dont know where their oysters are from :).

                1. re: captainshen

                  I would recommend that you go to the bar at Oceanaire. They have a large variety, good quality, and will make you a sampler plate. And they used to have (still may) a happy hour oyster discount.

                  1. re: gavlist

                    The Oceanire has happy hour 3-6 Mon-Fri. Oysters and shrimp cocktail are half-priced.

                    1. re: captainshen

                      Oysters at Old Monk?? Double check that. They have fantastic mussels.

                      1. re: simply_victoria

                        Oysters from The Monk?
                        I concur, I'm sure it's the mussels.
                        The closest they do to raw there is salad.
                        If they have oysters, I would skip them.

                        1. re: Jambon_It

                          have you guys tried the fried oyster at the Fish City Grill on 2323 N. Henderson Ave. It is so fresh and delicious!

                          1. re: yofan123

                            Yofan123, I think you mean to say the Fresh Oysters at Fish City Grill are fresh and delicious.

                            I would agree. They use Gold Band Oysters, which are pressure pasteurized, leaving them with a very, very clean taste. While I am no oyster afficionado, I do love them. I find the oysters at Fish City Grill to be far, far superior to Aw Shucks, which often taste just a bit "Gulf Coasty", if you know what I mean.

                            I went to a Seafood Restaurant in Seattle called The Brooklyn and probably had 10 different kinds of oysters. It has been several years and I'm sure I got hammered, so I can't remember the kinds of oysters, but I do remember being in heaven.

                            Someone above mentioned champagne with oysters. That works, as do stout beers and a nice minerally White Burgandy or White Loire Wine.


                        2. re: simply_victoria

                          yeah.. sorry! dumb mistake. Not one i'd usually make, either! Still havent been there.