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Feb 10, 2007 07:59 PM

Winterlicious at Tutti Matti

I had a delightful meal at Tutti Matti last week. I had forgotten all about winterlicious and was a bit hesitant when the winterlicious menu was placed in front of me. No need, though. The menu was as appealing as usual- mushroom themed which appealed to me. Wait staff were plentiful and attentive (though when we commented about winterlicious, got a bit of an earful about how unpleasant and demanding some of the diners are during this period). We had a thoroughly satisfying evening. (It might help that we got there at 6:30. By the time we left 90 min. or so later, the place was packed. Walking through the back to get coats, the noise level was pretty loud. I'll stay in front where it's possible to have a conversation and normal voice level.)

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  1. It's a pretty great restaurant, I need to go again- funny I just rec'd it to someone above- (well below now, you get my drift.)

    1. Tutti Matti is the only 'Licious meal that I do any more, for the reasons you state plus more. For one thing, much of what they offer is from their regular menu. For another, they actually give you choice. Most 'Licious places limit you to salmon-chicken-vegetarian. Tutti Matti had 4-5 choices, including beef and pork dishes.

      1. I have to confess, I'm so perplexed by all the Tutti Matti love here on CH.

        I have never eaten there. But I never WOULD - it just looks so bland and hotel-dining-room-esque, and a little bit cold and with zero style. I've gone in twice and it smelled of nothing - no garlic, roasting meat, melting cheese........

        Anyway, obviously I have to stop judging a book by its cover. Any recommendations for especially excellent dishes would be nice :-)

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          Big mistake judging this book by its cover.

          Party of 2 Thursday night
          I had an excellent meal there last week, tring their Winterlicious menu. I usually avoid winterlicious like the plague, but a friend made the reservation, and assured me, I would enjoy myself.

          That was an understatement. The service was warm welcoming, and very pleasant, although the d├ęcor was a little lack luster. Simple enough the food and service give this place all of its charm. We were both tempted to forgo the set menu and order straight off their regular menu. Good thing it wasn't offered that evening, or it would have taken us even longer to decide.

          We shared everything starting with the venison carpaccio with dried balsamic figs that were so good I had to ask how they were prepared. All the waiter could tell me was that they reduce them with balsamic, and sugar ...duh. Did I really expect them to tell me their secret ingredient?
          We also had the arugula and yellow beet salad, which was very nice.

          For the mains we had the spinach and ricotta stuffed rolled pasta with butter and sage sauce. The presentation was beautiful, although for me the dish could have used a ilttle salt. We also had the wild boar stew over polenta, This was two thumbs up. The most perfect winter dish, I could eat this once a week.

          The desserts were simple, and tasty. All in all a very enjoyable experience.

          1. re: spigot

            I have been there once and will not go back. The service was horrible - our server made numerous inappropriate comments and actually used a few expletives. Not exactly a nice dining experience. Furthermore, the food was barely edible. I think only one of my dining companions did not leave there hungry. I specifically remember a pasta dish that was supposed to have pesto, but rather had a soupy liquid at the bottom which smelled (and tasted) like grass. Sorry it's been awhile so I don't remember the exact dishes we had...but it was a terrible experience overall.

            1. re: sam_1

              Just had lunch there yesterday and I agree with sam_1, not a great experience. The service was awful. Soup and bread were excellent but the main dish, pasta, was pretty basic, somewhat uncooked and could have used some salt. Dessert was ok, banana ice cream on top of a fruit crumble. Don't think I'll go back there anytime soon.

              1. re: LauraA

                I have to chime in here and agree with Sam and Laura....the one and only time we went there it was BAD, and it was just a regular saturday night. I think Tutti Matti has to be right up there in my top 5 worst dining experiences ever!!!!!!!!