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Feb 10, 2007 07:17 PM

An Otto Disappointment

Went to Otto today for lunch; my first visit there. Things were wonderful at the start with a friendly and helpful waiter and delicious antipasto. Severely downhill at the main course. My friend ordered a special which was linguine with clams and I can honestly say it was inedible. We had to send it back, which I have never done before. I love fish but the pasta had an odd fish-y taste to it (maybe clams went bad?) and it was incredibly overspiced. We sent it back and she ordered the carbonara as a replacement. This was OK but pretty underwhelming. The sauce was too thick and pasta was not delicate at all. My pizza was underwhelming as well. Anyone have a similar experience? I felt like I could have gotten a better Italian meal for half the price at hundreds of other places in the city. What a disappointment.

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  1. Yes. There was a recent long thread on this topic:
    As you can see, opinion is divided. Personally, I'm a fan.

    1. I've never had a bad meal there, but there are a lot of people who will say differently! I will say that the appetizers and dessert are the strongest part of the menu. The entrees can definitely use some help, but i've NEVER had anything bad!

      1. I don't like their pastas at all. And I don't get it b/c I love the pastas at Babbo. Why at Otto the pastas are so overwhelmingly al dente, I will never figure out. I don't like eating raw pasta. But, at Babbo the pasta was cooked perfectly.

        The pizzas are good, just good.

        The wines are GREAT as are the cheese plates, salumi and gelati.

        And I don't think Otto is expensive at all.

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          I agree with all of the above.

          Some of the same pastas can be had a Lupa and they're so much better there. I really don't get it.

          Better to go to Otto, sit at the bar and share some small plates and dessert. And of course some wine.

        2. Overall, I like Otto, though its got a lot of problems that someone should pay attention to. Interestingly, a few months ago I ordered the linguine with clams special for lunch, and had to send it back. It was so watery, it was disgusting.

          But the wines are nice, the pizza 'acceptable' but the salume and cheese quite good.

          1. The place is attractive, the food presented nicely but I've never enjoyed what I've eaten there so don't go back.