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Feb 10, 2007 07:07 PM

Frozen crawfish tails?

So we're planning a Cajun Mardi Gras/Chinese New Year dinner party for next weekend, and we need frozen crawfish tails. Is there anyplace around Boston that sells crawfish? Domestic product would be ideal but my understanding is that the season runs May through fall sometime, and you just can't get Louisiana crawfish in February. (At least, that's what the folks in Breaux Bridge told me when they shipped me Chinese product in place of the LA crawfish that I ordered last year.)

Due to our menu plan and the preferences of our set of guests, a boil of whole crawfish is *not* on the agenda. We really just need 2 or 3 ppounds of frozen tails.

Bonus points for a seller actually in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville. Thanks!

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  1. Whole Foods on Washington Street in Brighton used to carry them. It's been a while since I've been there but you could call.

    Also, occasionally Walmart will have them in Salem. These are chinese crawfish tails and not from Louisiana in case that matters.

    1. Shaws and Stop and Shop occasionally have them, often in a random spot in the freezer case, but again, they're Chinese. My personal opinion is the Chinese ones are okay in an etouffee but I wouldn't ask them to do more than that.

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      1. re: sailormouth

        An etouffee or a creole, and a hybrid fried rice or noodle dish, were what we had in mind.

      2. lemme axe U this; why frozen? live are now available! check it:

        $60.00 for 10#s DELIVERED!

        steam 'em, break 'em, suck the head, eat the tail!

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        1. re: ScubaSteve

          See, I knew someone was going to try to push us in this direction, but that's just not what we're doing. See above - "a boil of whole crawfish is *not* on the agenda." We want to make an etoufee or a creole, and a fried rice or pan-fried noodle dish with both Cajun and Chinese ingredients. And given a choice I'd rather not mail-order ingredients if I can buy them somwhere around town.

          1. re: Allstonian

            point taken.

            but wait, you could use 5 pounds for your etoufee then ADD a crawfish boil! even just using the live buggers will improve the quality of your out-of-shell cooked dishes.

            anyway, all marketbaskets in my area (haverhill) carry the frozen tails.

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              But...we really don't want a live crawfish boil. Good to know about the Market Baskets, though!

        2. In January, I used frozen tails from the Whole Foods in the Charles River Plaza for my pot of LSU-is-in-the-Sugar-Bowl Gumbo. It worked for me. Although there is no substitute for fresh caught crawfish, especially since you can't suck the heads off of frozen tails!

          1. I've called Savenor's a few years back (Patriots Superbowl in New Orleans) and they got me crawfish within two days.