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Best shortribs in Manhattan?

I love shortribs, especially with this cold weather. Will all you chowhounds out there kindly let me know your favorite places to have this wonderful comfort dish. Thanks!

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  1. For upscale, I really like Craft's shortribs, with the potatoes gratin.

    For something more casual, 5 Ninth does a tasty version with Asian inflections and croutons.

      1. The short ribs at Veritas are seriously delicious.


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        1. I absolutely LOVE davidburke & donatella's - they are served over a small bed of cavatelli with wild mushrooms, topped with truffle mouse (if desired, at table), and sprinkled with porcini chips.

          I also really enjoyed cafe gray's and they are over these grits with a mustard based sauce.

          1. I've enjoyed Bone Lick Parks although it can be a bit too marbled for some.

            1. i love the ones at brasserie ruhlmann. falls right off the bone and is so flavorful.

              1. Cafe Gray hands down has the best shortrib...

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                  cafe gray by a longshot. veritas is very good too though...

                2. Melba's restaurant in Harlem has braised short ribs that were as good as mom used to make. Tender, flavorful and a pleasant environment.

                  1. i have to say craft's shortribs were unbelievably fatty to me.

                    1. Cafe Grey, without question!!!

                        1. Strong agreement about the short ribs at david burke & donatella!

                          1. Balthazar does a very respectable rendition as a Saturday special.