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Feb 10, 2007 05:43 PM

Pie resource on Westside?

Hello...Need recommendations for bakeries on the west side that would be open tomorrow (Sunday) for buying two open to flavours but am supposed to show up to dinner tomorrow night with two pies. The only thing the host said was No Apple - so I guess the Apple Pan is out! Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. about banana caramel pie from Amandine on Wilshire?

    1. Forget the apple, but Apple Pan makes a great banana cream pie.

      Key Lime Pie from Clementine.

      Cafe Montana at 16th on Montana makes a good coconut cream pie and a mixed berry one.

      Babulu on Montana also makes a great banana cream.

      Lemon Meringue at Al Gelato on Robertson.

      1. Ooh---the lemon meringue at Al Gelato is huge and indulgent----only bring one pie if you take that. I think its $80 (not kidding).

        1. Bristol Farms in Bevery Hill's at the old Chasen's spot has great looking pies.