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Feb 10, 2007 05:30 PM

Bad Genji

I just came back from Genji. What a bad experience...first of all the service is mediocre. Stood waiting for the hostess for 10 minutes. When i went up to a waitress to ask if we could be seated, she curtly told me she could not seat me and that I should wait for the hostess. Eventually we were seated upstairs where it was approximately eighty degrees. Just way too hot.

Our starters were good enough--miso soup and spicy shrimp tempura. But this is when things went from bad to worse. Our sushi was inedible. I've eated sushi many times in many different cities. I've never seen anything like this. Each piece had gobs of wasabi--it was so overpowering that it was just inedible. We tried to eat the pieces that had less wasabi or discarded the rice all together. I let the waitress know our concern, and she said that some people react to wasabi in different ways. huh? She took absolutely no repsonsibility for their terrible sushi. Just want to warn all of you who are looking for a sushi spot in Philly. I'll never step foot in Genji again. I'll definitely go back to my old standby--Shiroi Hana.

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  1. Try ZENTo in old city.
    Quite good.

    1. Have you ever noticed a pattern in the bad reviews posted here? So many of them begin, like this one, with an initial offense that the diner chooses to ignore, and only go downhill from there. In this case, I might have tolerated the wait to be seated (although 10-15 minutes is my absolute limit), but Lotus7 is way more forgiving than I would be if he or she agreed to sit in an 80-degree dining room and pay high prices for the privilege. Also, I'm no sushi expert, but isn't the wasabi supposed to be on the side?

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        The typical way sushi is served in Japanese restaurants is known as nigiri style, basically a piece of something (usually fish, but not restricted to that) served on top of some vinegared rice. The itamae (sushi chef) grabs a small amount of the rice and forms it into the proper shape using the hands, then at his or her discretion places some wasabi on the fish and lays that wasabi-side down onto the rice. So, yes, some wasabi is already there.

        I'm guessing the original poster of this thread had a rookie sushi chef do the preparation as I've been to Genji many times and never experienced what I would call an excessive use of wasabi.

        1. re: jwbausch

          Of course I was totally horrified by the sushi itself bc yes, the wasabi was "excessive." But I think I was even more horrified by their lack of customer service after I let them know their sushi was inedible. Our waitress seemed to blame us for not eating it. Some places have "off" nots unfortunately w/ their food. Perhaps the chef was a rookie. But to have horrid customer service on top of bad food definitely sent me running.

      2. The original comment has been removed