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Feb 10, 2007 05:15 PM

Best Locally Made Salsa You Know Of

preferably fresh-- not bottled-- either from a restaurant or supermarket take out/deli.

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  1. I really love Ana's salsa, available at Central Market. It's made outside of Austin and kept in the refrigerated section. Heavy on the garlic and cilantro, which isn't for everyone though.

    1. el paseo...they have three locations that i know of... one in AZLE, one in KELLER, and one in or close to LAKE WORTH. their salsa is good, but not great. but their pico de galo (chunky salsa) is fresh and very good. it is sold as a side item, but it is worth it. we usually order that and mix it with the table salsa/ or their white queso. YUM

      1. I'm a Herrera's fan. Way hot, but with plenty of flavor.

        1. If you like lots of Cilantro goodness, the salsa from Luna de Noche is excellent.

          I also actually like the fire-roasted "Fuego" salsa from Taco Cabana. The recipe does seem to vary a bit at each location, but it's cheap and good overall.

          1. I actually highly prefer to warm salsa from Mercado Juarez.