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Feb 10, 2007 04:05 PM

Need a casual, moderately priced dinner on the westside...that can accomodate a veggie

Im looking for a moderately priced, casual restaurant on the westside. I dont really care what type of cuisine, but the food has to be good...and they have to have enough veggie dishes to accomodate a vegetarian. We are all about the good ingredients and good cooking are a must. HELP!!

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  1. Nook might be able to accomodate you. It's more casual than Josie, which I would recommend second.

    1. Japanese or Indian restaurants would be good options.

      Mao's Kichen in Venice does real meat/fish as well as substitutes, and it's good Chinese and mod priced.

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        I've only eaten at Mao's when they first opened back in ...198??? But I know a vegetarian who eats there regularly for lunch, and she is somewhat picky about food...

      2. Was scrolling down the first page of postings and found, "Vegetarian - Westside." It'w worth a look. Sorry I'm computer-illiterate, otherwise I'd send you the post...