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Feb 10, 2007 03:52 PM

Le Boboulais - calgary

Going to be in Calgary next week for work and we have a dinner one night at Le Boboulais. Any feedback on this place? Where is it located?

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  1. Le- huh? I've never heard of this place.

    1. Neither had I that is why I was asking - thanks thou.

      1. sure you're spelling this right? zero hits on google- anywhere. zero.

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        1. re: John Manzo

          All that I can think of is Le Beaujolais - but thats in Banff !

        2. Did he mean La Chaumiere?

          1. I think he means Pizza Bob's or maybe The French Maid.

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            1. re: John Manzo

              Lol. Could it be Le Beaujolais in Banff?