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Feb 10, 2007 03:46 PM

Preserved Lemon--where can I buy it?

Anyone know of a Moroccan market or specialty foods place that carries this?

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  1. Awaiting replies, too. I needed some for tagine and couldn't find any in Bristol Farms, Gelsons, or Whole Foods.

    1. surfas might have it:
      Surfas Restaurant and Supply
      8824 National Blvd.
      Culver City, CA 90232

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      1. re: cookieb

        Surfas definitely has it, as I have bought them there...

      2. Whole Foods in Valencia has them.

        1. Of course if you have time you should make your own. You can get away with using them in about a week although your supposed to leave them for a month. Also I remember a 'Quick' recipe that could get you going in a day or two, as I recall you quarter them and utilize the freezer as well. Recipes are easily available. Of course in a pinch I buy them as well although it seems like a waste for something so nearly free, especially since many locals are getting their Meyer crops in now. Nicole's in South Pas. has them for about $5 for two.

          1. Jons market in Glendale and most of the armenian/persian markets there usually have them.