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Feb 10, 2007 03:34 PM

Inniskillin Ice Wine Varieties?

Any comments, help with the various options here--Vidal, Riesling? Any others? Taste differences? Price? Value? I love the Riesling but want to try others.
BTW-after opening, how long will they last? how store opened? best way to store unopened? how to serve?

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  1. Re the unoaked, still Niagara wines, I've always preferred the Vidals to the Rieslings, finding the latter to lack the acidity required to balance the sugar. The Vidals have acidity in spades and a kaleidoscope of flavours. Like most pricey dessert wines, they're best savoured on their own, though they certainly have the wherewithal to stand up to many non-chocolate desserts, including lemon-based desserts. They also work well with seared foie gras, especially when some of the wine has been used to deglaze the pan.

    Storage and life-after-opening are the same as for most other wines, i.e. they should be stored in a cool, dark, vibration-free space and they'll start going downhill within a few hours of your popping the cork unless you take preventative action. A pump system (VacuVin, for example) will help them survive a day or two in the fridge. Under a layer of inert gas (Private Preserve, for example), they'll keep for several days or even weeks, especially if transferred to a bottle small enough to leave only a small head space.

    1. I prefer the Vidals as well and LOVE the sparkling one!

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        ooh. Need to look for the sparkling one. Thanks.

      2. Inniskillin's Reislings and Vidals are their best wines. Actually I don't like Inskillin's as much as several of the others from the Niagara area (I spend a week there last summer). However they are the easiest to find in the States since Inskillin makes a lot of icewine. Other icewines that are easy to get and actually are less pricy for about the same quality include Jackson-Triggs and Peller. However, if you are going to the Niagara on the Lake area, be sure to visit Cave Spring and Stratus and taste the wines there.

        Ice wines should be treated like any other wine for storage. However, once opened, they will last a little longer than many wines because of the higher sugar content. I'd say that you should seal it well and put it in the refridgerator once you have opened it and drink it the next day. It does go very well with foie gras and non chocolate desserts, but as carswell said, they are wonderful on their own as dessert.

        1. I too prefer the Vidal. The Jackson-Triggs are very nice at about 1/3 the price of Inniskillin. But try the Inniskillin Cab Franc Icewine. Very pricey but WOW!