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Feb 10, 2007 02:51 PM

Birthday Get Together-Philly

Hi, all! I'm looking for a fun and unique place to celebrate my 30th birthday. I don't really want a sit down dinner, but rather a place where people can come and go as they please and get drinks and food if they want to do so...maybe a bar? I'm having around 20 people or so...maybe more. It'll be on a Saturday night in March, so a busy bar time. I want to avoid renting a room for the event.
I was looking at Lucky Strikes for the bowling and atmosphere, which I made a reservation for, but not sure it'll fit the needs of my group. I'd prefer to stay within Center City, but would travel within the city if I could find the right place. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    1. I think Lucky Strike is a great call - I was there with a large group last weekend and had a great time. Alternatively, what about Walnut Room, Loie, or Noche?

      1. lucky strikes is way overpriced i hear. there is a place in northern liberties called north bowl that is super cheap and has a couple of bars, some private lanes with a bar, pool tables, video games and decent food. me likey, and i am fussy about where i hang out.

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          north bowl is about a million times better BUT they do not take reservations. on weekends, lucky strikes becomes an old city hangout. no one over 25 is there. northbowl is more spacious and they do have a private lane upstairs you can reserve. ok food. you'd love it. BUT if you can't reserve that lane, they do not normally take reservations, and it can take 2-3 hours to get a lane.

          alfa would be great for your age group. alright food, good drinks and it won't be as packed at the walnut room, loie or noche.

        2. Thanks for your suggestions! I think I'm sticking with my original plan and spending the money. It's my birthday, so what the heck! ;)