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Looking for high-end restaurants in Scottsdale area.

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What are some of the highest priced meals to be found in the Scottsdale area? I'm specifically looking for restaurants with check averages over $85 per person.

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  1. You can't go wrong w/ Binkley's. It's in Cave Creek...a few minutes from North Scottsdale.
    It's a wonderful dining experience.

    If they have the foie gras...it's a must!


    1. Binkley's is a great choice as ciaogal said.

      Here are a few others than can easily top out at $85 per person or more:

      Mastro's (Steakhouse)

      Ocean Club (Seafood)

      Mary Elaine's (French/Continental)

      1. lvmanager, I will be heading to Vegas for work again in a few weeks....(I am there once a month) I will need to pick your brain again. The choices in Vegas are so plentiful.....you have set the bar high.

        Seth's Choices are spot on.

        If you love Craftsteak as I do...you will love Mastro's.

        Their Bread Basket is awesome. I could make a meal of that, the bone in Rib Eye and the Creamed Corn.

        Can't wait for your report!


        1. I've been waiting for someone to pick up the tab for the Chef's tasting menu at Sea Saw. If you like Japanese, it might be something of interest. Click on "events" - http://www.seasaw.net/

          I also thought this might be fun - Elements has an Iron Chef dinner featuring the dishes the chef made on the show (a win over Flay):


          1. Binkley's

            Sea Saw

            Vu at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale

            If you are looking after March 1 then Taggia at the Caleo Resort. Italian restaurant soon to open...great chef from Italy worked with Nancy Silverton, at Circo in Vegas and other spots.

            1. I'll second all of these. Some additional websites, plus a couple other suggestions:


              Mary Elaine's:

              Cowboy Ciao:

              Asia de Cuba:

                1. re: azhotdish

                  Let the OP be warned, Kai is not in Scottsdale, and the drive time estimates on their website are VERY optimistic.

                2. If what you want are the highest of high-end, the Mary Elaine's at the Phonecian is probably at the top. However, depending on your choice of wnes, some others can definintely come into play. For high-end dining w/ wine, I'd opt for:
                  Vincent's on Camelback
                  Cowboy Ciao
                  Rancho Pinot
                  Kai (though not near Scottsdale)

                  I'd believe that the food would be better at these, but that is just my opinon. If you are paying, invite me to a dinner at Vincent's and let me choose the wines.

                  IIRC, Rancho Pinot has Screaming Eagle at ~US$2K/btl., so we could definitely go ballistic, if I have the wine list in my hands. (Grin)

                  We could probably do similar damage, with great food, at Vu, or some of the other venues.