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Feb 10, 2007 02:24 PM

First date

I'm arranging a first date with someone.
Would much appreciate any suggestions, here's the paramaters:

--Needs to be convenient to the Staten Island Ferry on the Manhattan side, but I guess anywhere downtown will do.
--Needs to be big enough so there will be no problem finding seats on a Thursday night between 7pm and 8pm. Can't be too loud or busy, since we're going to be exchanging "get to know ya" chit chat.

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  1. there are a hundred+ restaurants that might fit those paremeters...my advice is to followup w/ a couple more specifics (cuisine, price, atmosphere) and you'll get more suggestions...

    1. I'm going to assume unlimited price range and a flexible palate. If that's a safe assumption, I think Megu's a great first date spot.

      1. The another nice spot is the River Cafe on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge. You can get there by water Taxi. It has nice view of the Statue of Liberty and the Financial District.

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          And if a River Cafe budget is a bit outsized, there's Five Front St. a short distance away from River Cafe, also accessible by Water Taxi, and more modestly priced.

        2. If you really want to be near - as in walking distance to the Staten Island Ferry...there are a couple of spots located on Stone St. and Hanover Square that will suit (Adrienne, Ulysses, Cipriani's, a steakhouse which name I forget etc. You can just walk thru the street and peruse the menu and select a spot that will work for you guys - though Ulysses Bar will work just fine as well...most spots not full at this weather.