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Milk on Beverly... everybody needs it

cvc Feb 10, 2007 02:11 PM

Imagine the most luxurious and elegant creme brulee whipped into a frozen frenzy topped with fresh whipped cream and honest to God malted milk balls, and you'd have an apt description of the homemade vanilla bean milkshake for $4.75 we sampled today at this three day old dairy inspired confections shop. But there's a twist. Breakfast and lunch get the full treatment as well and everything is made on the premises. The ample Cobb Salad comes with a delicious Green Goddess dressing for $8.75 while a surprisingly good Cuban hot pressed sandwich, the Media Noche, combines tender pulled pork, ham, manchego cheese, peppery greens, pickles and roasted garlic mayo for $7.75. Additional sweets included a phenomenally rich double chocolate chip cookie and a powedered sugar covered walnut cookie that we call Mexican wedding rings in North Dakota. Bret Thompson, formerly of Patina, is the proud orchestrator and (like Andre Guerrero at The Oinkster) rekindling a passion for childhood favorites. An infectious and eager staff (of the charming, if chaotic, Clementine's and Joan's on Third counter service variety) hang on your every reaction making this a real delight. As I write this, my friend is pointing out the blue velvet cake on the menu. That and the basket of fresh baked Madeleines will have us returning soon.

7290 Beverly Blvd. (at Pointsettia)
Los Angeles 90036
open 7 days from 7am - 10/11pm

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  1. m
    Muskrat RE: cvc Feb 10, 2007 02:13 PM

    You should write about restaurants for a living...

    1. m
      mrpullings RE: cvc Feb 10, 2007 10:01 PM


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        BrookieStyles RE: mrpullings Feb 11, 2007 03:57 PM

        If I ever open a restaurant, I'm hiring cvc as my publicist!

      2. sku RE: cvc Feb 11, 2007 07:16 AM

        I have to say I was underwhelmed by this place. I found the shakes thin and the ice cream lacking in strong flavors. In terms of shakes in LA, it wouldn't crack my top 5.

        I was intrigued by the novelty case, which included ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars and bon-bons.

        1. c
          cheflvr RE: cvc Feb 11, 2007 04:09 PM

          I also went to this brand new spot yesterday, which is across the street from Angelini Osteria on Beverly Blvd. I wasn't sure what kind of a place MILK would be but a quick scan of the menu hanging over the counter clarified things. MILK has a little of everything: full breakfasts, sandwiches and salads, ice cream sundaes, banana splits, and a long list of ice cream treats. They sell their ice creams and sorbets in a big case right up front. Then there's the long counter of amazing looking baked goods. I found out that the pastry chef made desserts for the Patina group and also worked at Cafe del Rey. The croissants looked beautiful, flaky and rich. Since I'd already had breakfast, I went for a rootbeer float instead. Such a treat! The vanilla bean ice cream was so rich and certainly high in butter fat. The owner came out to tell us about his testing of different vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti, and even Uganda to find just the right one! We could tell a lot of care goes into everything they do there. I'm anxious to go back for breakfast soon.

          1. p
            pzs200 RE: cvc Feb 21, 2007 02:34 PM

            It's quite sad what Chowhound has become. I visited MILK yesterday. Without going into great detail, a friend and I tried the milky way milkshake, the banana nut milkshake, the medianoche sandwich and the prosciutto sandwich. All were very good, but I wish the prosciutto came through a little stronger. I am definitely going back and will recommend it for others to try. But LilZ is absolutely correct. Where is the substance? I'm trying to research some restaurants on here and I'm wading through so much verbal sludge. I guess I'll have to go elsewhere.

            And MILK does not yet serve breakfast - aside from the pastries and muffins. I was told that they will have breakfast (pancakes, eggs etc.) in a couple weeks.

            1. SauceSupreme RE: cvc Feb 21, 2007 02:56 PM

              I'm in no hurry to try it out, even though I'm walking distance. If it's as good as hungrygirl and peanut say it is, then it'll be there for a while. If Oinkster is any indication, sometimes places take a while to get the kinks out.

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              1. re: SauceSupreme
                hungrygirl106 RE: SauceSupreme Feb 21, 2007 04:30 PM

                Sauce, I hope I didn't raise your expectations too high -- that's a sure way to end up disappointed. I mean, let's put it this way: it's better than I expected it to be, so I really like it. Also, my favorite ice cream in the world is Thrifty (now Rite-Aid) chocolate malted crunch, which should give you an idea of what my standards are. Expect nothing and you'll like it, maybe love it.

                1. re: hungrygirl106
                  SauceSupreme RE: hungrygirl106 Feb 21, 2007 05:12 PM

                  No raised expectations. As long as they're open late-ish and keeps me from driving to Al Gelato for my sorbet and ice cream jag, I'll be thrilled. Never been much of a pastry person in any variety, but cold confections are my weakness.

                  1. re: hungrygirl106
                    Julefish RE: hungrygirl106 Feb 28, 2007 08:39 AM

                    i still call it Thrify's too.

                    1. re: hungrygirl106
                      jhbrown RE: hungrygirl106 Apr 4, 2008 07:49 AM

                      hungrygirl.. ok, so i'm a year late, but thrifty's ice-cream is wonderful. so that is not a designation for a poor palette!

                  2. Chowpatty RE: cvc Feb 21, 2007 02:58 PM

                    Well, it's just ice cream, it's not a six course tasting menu. I went today and they had no problems making me an espresso and handing me a cookie.
                    My co-workers thought the sandwiches were just ok though.

                    1. m
                      mrpullings RE: cvc Feb 21, 2007 05:02 PM

                      Agreed. Have been twice. Sandwiches just ok - wouldn't make a special trip for them.
                      Got some quarts of ice cream to take to a party - thought the flavors were pretty tasty especially the jasmine. Again though, I don't know if I'd travel across town for it.

                      1. b
                        Bugg Superstar RE: cvc Feb 21, 2007 05:28 PM

                        ice cream was a little too creamy and rich for me, but the bon bons for 25 cents each were very tasty.
                        the standouts were the baked goods...wonderful flavors, neither dry nor greasy, just delicious! the double chocolate chip cookie and choc-hazelnut madeline were both amazing. i also liked that the cookie was not huge and that basically this is a place where you could walk in with $1 and still come out with a few yummy treats. :)

                        1. p
                          peanut112 RE: cvc Feb 21, 2007 09:17 PM

                          Bugg...that's a great point b/c there aren't too many places where a buck gets you some yumminess, right.
                          But="a little too creamy and rich" ...isn't that a good thing for ice cream :) :) just not for you...
                          For sauce supreme: I'd try and sample the gelato while it's still being made from great fruit...I mentioned that given the winter kill of california fruits, they will only be making the tangerine or blood orange for a while...when the good supply is gone, so is that sorbet.

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                          1. re: peanut112
                            Bugg Superstar RE: peanut112 Feb 28, 2007 09:41 PM

                            that is a good point, my mom loved the ice cream, as would most people (i actually like low fat ice cream better than regular)

                          2. SauceSupreme RE: cvc Feb 27, 2007 11:04 PM

                            So I swung by to score a pint of the blood orange sorbet (the tangerine sorbet was nice, too). While I was there, I had a taste of the chocolate hazelnut madeleines. It's difficult to do madeleines well, having to balance crumbly and rich elements without overwhelming the mouth with butter. And judging from the quantity of madeleines still on display, not only are they difficult to master, they probably go underappreciated anyway. Good stuff, though.

                            My favorite item was the bacon-cheddar scone. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Breakfast opens next weekend, so I'm sure to be there.

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                            1. re: SauceSupreme
                              Dommy RE: SauceSupreme Feb 28, 2007 10:22 AM

                              Oooo!!! I am going to have to drop by and compare theirs with Rockenwager Bakery! I sense a bike trip this weekend! :)


                              1. re: Dommy
                                bulavinaka RE: Dommy Feb 28, 2007 09:12 PM

                                Another bacon-cheddar scone! Maybe the next trend? Can't wait to hear your bite-by-bite analysis!

                            2. b
                              biggles1964 RE: cvc Mar 3, 2007 08:31 PM

                              I went to Milk the day it opened. I thought the product was great, and the people behind it really nice. However, I have a small concern. The service, while I'm sure well meaning, left a lot to be desired. I ordered a sandwich and coffee. The coffee arrived luke warm , and the sandwich was completely wrong. I then ordered an espresso, and an ice cream sandwich. First the guy behind the counter gave me the wrong item. Then, the ice cream sandwich was given to me over the counter, just wrapped in a napkin. OK. I went back to my table, ate it, and waited a full 25 minutes for my coffee. Finally, I went inside to get it, and a server was in the process of making it (badly, I hasten to add...) When Igot it to my table there was ANOTHER ice cream sandwich sitting there waiting for me. Having said all that, the bread used for my sandwich was lovely, and the ice cream sandwich was excellent. I sent a friend a few days later, and asked him to pick up two chocolate croissants for me. He returned and in the bag were two PLAIN croissants. The product at Milk is great, but those kind of mess ups are the kind that put a place out of business, as the backbone of any small cafe is repeat business and loyalty. They need to train the staff properly, especially in how to make coffee, and just organize getting the food to the tables more methodically. Everyone seemed very confused when I was there. I will be going again though, as I genuinely liked them. I hope they sort out their teething troubles.

                              1. d
                                djquinnc RE: cvc Mar 4, 2007 12:29 AM

                                I had some perfectly nice ice cream there today (chocolate chip and strawberry), leaps and bounds ahead of chain ice cream. But in the same day, I went to Scoops and for slightly less cash, I got a veritable festival of flavors in my mouth.

                                1. b
                                  billykatt RE: cvc Mar 5, 2007 12:27 PM

                                  WHAT A BUNCH OF BALONEY! The original posting said "But there's a twist. Breakfast and lunch get the full treatment as well and everything is made on the premises" Let's talk about the TWIST. They don't SERVE breakfast! At least, not yet. So how could the original poster know how good it is? The two little girls working the counter were doing the best they could -- very sweet, but overwhelmed. They couldn't be understood over the THUDDING Bally's gym-type drek music. People got their food and scurried out as fast as possible. Others came in, looked around with pained expressions on their faces and left without buying anything. They were supervised(?) by a a man, who might have been a cook. He couldn't be bothered by us customers, since he was in a long, involved conversation with his friends. We left this MILK place feeling deceived and quite SOUR.

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