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Feb 10, 2007 01:56 PM

Where to buy confit duck legs for home?

I would like to purchase confit duck legs to use in my cooking (making a cassoulet!),and don't really know where to go to buy them. Any suggestions and positive experiences out there?

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  1. Believe it or not, I've seen them at Loblaws at St. Clair and Bathurst. At the real-live-person-serving-you-counter.

    1. I've also seen them at Pusateri's downtown. They were ready-made - just heat and go but they were quite expensive (I maybe remember them being 15$ for 2?).

      1. I've bought duck confit at Cumbrae's on Church. Also expensive, but worth the money. I've also had success at Whitehouse Meats in St. Lawrence Market.

        1. Whole Foods has them too...over by the cheese and prepared food section, vacuum-packed, and pretty reasonably priced (for Whole Foods).

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            best ones I've found are made by Brome Lake. The producer was doing a "road show" at Costco and had a stall set up. They were selling their vac-packed confit duck legs and other products. I've tried other vac-packed brands (from Whitehouse, etc) but the Brome Lake ones were the best I've had. They were so good that I waited for the road show to return to Costco and bought 10 legs to keep in the freezer. That's the problem, when the road show leaves the store, the products are no longer available there. So, call Costco to find out when Brome Lake will be back or google and call Brome Lake, which is located in Quebec.

            1. re: acd123

              Really? They're better than Cumbrae's?

              BTW The Brome website lists Loblaws as a retailer of the leg confit. Sounds like a better idea than waiting for the road show.

              1. re: Googs

                Don't know b/c I've never tried the ones at Cumbrae. All my Cumbrae experiences have been great (including the 10 hr. pulled pork - yum), so I'm sure they are very good there. But the Brome Lake confit legs were definitely better than the ones at Whitehouse.

                Your right, but I think Loblaws just started carrying them. When I called Loblaws a few months ago to find them, they definitely did not have them. Also, the "where to find them" feature on the Brome website is new. I think they are in the process of expanding their Ontario distribution network.

                I got a good deal at Costco and just stocked up in the freezer :-)

          2. St. Lawrence Market. Just across from Future Bakery (can't remember the name), but they have a wide selection of ducks, duck pieces, rendered duck fat etc.