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Feb 10, 2007 01:54 PM

Take out Ramen for a sick friend.

I know most Good Ramen places frown on takeout, but wasn't sure if there were places that didn't have an issue with it. On the Westside near Sawtelle is great, but will be willing to travel a bit.

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  1. I love the ramen at santouka, but I don't think they will do it to go. But you could maybe bring in some tupperware (or whatever), order and then transfer it slyly to your own to go container. I have considered it.

      1. I would ask for the noodles and soup separate. The main thing is that the noodles don't get too soggy or mushy.

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          You took the words right out of my ramen-slurping mug... most Chinese and Thai restaurants do this when you order take-out. Just have to nuke the noodles on low and the soup on medium when you get home, and it's pretty close to what you'd get at the restaurant... speaking of which, I wonder if any of the Chinese, Thai, or Singapore (Express) noodle soups might be a good sub...

        2. The original comment has been removed