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Feb 10, 2007 01:43 PM

Casa Bianca--But Downtown-Westside

We like Casa Bianca, and specifically the antipasto salad, the pizza, and their house, al forno pasta dish. But the drive there is hard, and the wait is almost unbearable. Is there anyplace on the Downtown and west, that you think compares in quality, and taste, and price to Casa Biana? I hope this thread does not get hijacked to discussing about whether Casa Bianca is good or bad. I'd like to stick with whether there's someplace like it close to us.

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  1. Quick answer - NO! THat is why Casa Bianca has such long waits.

    1. Surprisingly, you'll find a similar pie at Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen. Nice thin crispy crust, good balance of cheese and sauce. Don't let the no-frills ambience fool you - this is a first rate pizza that is as good as Casa Bianca or anyplace else on the Westside. Get it to go.

      Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen
      1318 Wilshire Blvd
      Santa Monica, CA 90403


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        I disagree. I just ordered a pie from SMPK two nights ago, and the crust is nowhere near the quality of Casa Bianca's. SMPK's crust was thicker and much more chewy.

        In addition, I just reported SMPK to LA Public Health because their food prep guy in the back (handling cheese, sandwiches, pies, meat, etc.) stopped what he was doing to take payment on my pizza. His fingernails were gnarly. Gnarly, as in the dirtiest fingernails I've ever seen on a pizza guy. To make things worse, after I was done paying, he headed back to his station and continued to work on food. Yum. Owners/Managers were in the store too, so I have a feeling they don't pay much attention to encouraging/maintaining good sanitary conditions.