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Feb 10, 2007 01:35 PM

Chocolate & Salt

For Christmas we got some amazing chocolates with salt (bought in Berkeley). I'm looking for a source in LA where I can get these. Specifically I'm looking for the dark chocolate bars from L'Artigiano with Cervia Sea Salt. I'd also love to find a local source for Fran's Sea Salt Caramels.


Any ideas? I looked at Surfas and they didn't have any....

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  1. maybe can help you

    1. oh, whoops, you did say local

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      1. re: budlit

        Yep, trying to get them by Wednesday.

      2. You can get Fran's Sea Salt Caramels at your local Whole Foods Market.

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        1. re: chica

          Thanks, I was there yesterday and didn't even think to look.

        2. Have you tried LIttle FLower Candy co's sea salt caramels? Produced locally - fantastically good. Joans on 3rd and those types of food speciality stores carry them.

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          1. re: mrpullings

            i agree...the sea salt caramels are astoundingly good (especially when really really fresh). I've seen them at Joans, Clementine and Surfas. I think their website is

            it's got a list of stores.

          2. I second the rec for Little Flower's sea salt caramels. Where are you located? In the Pasadena area, you can get them at Europane, Julienne, or Nicole's. Also, Fran's caramels with sea salt are available at Julienne. Just bought some last weekend as a hostess gift.