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Feb 10, 2007 01:31 PM

what sides w/ roast chicken?

I'm making a simple herb/lemon roast chicken with a fine quality bird. I need ideas for sides. I'm not in the mood for making anything elaborate. Think: homestyle.

Have lots of vegetables in store-- brussels sprouts, green beans, shitake and crimini mushrooms, broccoli rabe. Please give me inspiration!

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  1. Absolutely....keep it simple.

    Mashed potatoes and broccoli rabe sauteed in evoo w/ garlic and parmesan.

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        Rachael Ray's abbreviation for extra virgin olive oil. It's actually in the dictionary! I cringe as I write b/c she bugs the heck out of me. Actually, I don't mind writing the abbreviation, it's when people choose to speak the abbreviation that is annoying.

        Anyhoo, try some roasted potatoes and sauteed brussel sprouts with pancetta to accompany your bird.

    1. I love curried green beans with chicken. In fact, I had this combo just the other night.

      1. How about polenta with lots of garlic and Parmesan cheese, with broccoli rabe with that sweet/sour thing going (sauteed in olive oil with hot pepper flakes, sugar and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar) draped over the polenta?

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          Roast potatoes, roast potatoes, roast potatoes. Preferably with rosemary and some whole cloves of garlic, done in olive oil. In late summer I like a nice juicy ratatouille but that wouldn't work now. Brussel sprouts with some small chestnuts heated for the last minute or two, and a little butter and black pepper. Mushrooms sauteed with oil, a little butter and garlic. I like the polenta idea too. Must try next time.

        2. Did this just last night with very little time to cook, so...Marcella's lemon roast chicken (I added fresh rosemary in the cavities), baked yams with butter, & Marcella's braised broccoli. All ingredients were organic & very fresh. So easy & delicious, chicken wonderfully moist as always.

          1. sweet potato wedges. peel, slice, coat wi EVOO, place on rimmed baking sheet, S&P, place in 425 oven with chicke. flip after 20 minutes. Cook 20 more. Blanch some brussel sprouts. place in a small pyrex. When you flip the potatoes, throw these in as well for the last 20 minutes.