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Feb 10, 2007 12:45 PM

San Diego Happy Hour

Me and my girlfriend are going to San Diego next weekend and we are always looking for a good happy hour. Last year when we visited San Diego we went to Island Prime and Roppongi (La Jolla) for some great happy hour. I've been looking around online and found Chive, Galileo 101, Osetra Fishhouse, Ocean Room, and Ra Sushi which all seem to have good happy hours, but I haven't been to any of them. We are staying near the Gaslamp district so it would be nice to find a happy hour close to that area and a diverse happy hour is always a plus. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I've been to both RA and Chive for happy hour, and they were both fun. Get there early enough to get a decent seat, though. It can get loud, especially in Chive. However, Chive has the best bartenders of the two!

    1. My favorite happy hour is at the Prado.

      1. Do you know if Prado has food specials or just drink specials?

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          They have a limited happy hour food menu, but everything we've tried we've liked (the shrimp poppers and calamari are two of our favorites). There's other stuff that can be ordered in the bar area, it just isn't discounted for happy hour.

        2. I liked the happy hour at Chive, but I also liked the $1.95 bar food menu happy hour at McCormick & Schmicks!

          1. I think Oceanaire has a good happy hour at their oyster bar. I remember seeing their menu last time we were in, and thinking that if I ever did go to happy hour downtown - that's where I'd go!