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Teji's Indian in Round Rock

This opened up about 3 months ago in the same plaza off 620 in which Hao Hao resides. It's a small grocery and restaurant run by a charming husband/wife team.

We ate there for the first time last weekend and had some hits and some misses.

The samosas were good, quite standard but fresh and delicious.

The butter chicken was fantastic (and generous), as was the naan and garlic naan. The Goat Curry combination was disappointing. The portions were tiny, and the goat itself was predominantly bones and overly salted. The accompanying daal and sabji were delicious, however. Since this is Northern Indian, it's not as spicy as you might be used to, and you'll note that the raita is a bit different than most (lots of black pepper) but very tasty.

The kheer was excellent; perhaps the best I've had so far. It was thicker than most and wonderfully floral.

You can order online and pick up for convenience. The grocery store is worth checking out as well -- the frozen dosas are surprisingly good for a quick lunch; there are lots of tasty snacks and paneer for sale, too.


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  1. I love this place! Above average indian food at great prices. We had the Malai Kofta and chicken tikka masala and some somosas and naan. All were great except for the somosas which were mediocre. Entrees are in the 6-8 dollar range. This beats the overpriced, bland Indian restaurant found in Round Rock next to Zorbas (excellent by the way) and the Asian buffet.

    Be aware that this is not a fancy place however. It is very small and all food is served in disposable containers. Everything is very clean though, even the highchairs. Also a great place for takeout. I love that they provide a generous portion of rice, I get irritated when I still have food, but no rice to eat it with.

    The owners are great, very friendly and attentive. I am happy as well with the grocery store. Its a great place to buy spices (prices are very reasonable) and to find items you can only get at a specialty store.

    A gem in the restaurant wasteland that is Round Rock.

    1. This place has become my restaurant of choice when I get a craving for Indian food. Mama's home cooking, this ain't; this is Indian restaurant cooking, and I think it's pretty much the best in town. It's not a buffet, like so many Indian places in town.

      What I recommend is the Chicken Curry or the Lamb Korma. They are good mild, or somewheat spicy. The Vindaloo's are quite hot (not the hottest I've ever had, but it's sufficient) and great with Nan. I also recommend the Malai Kofta and the Bhindi Masala (okra, done Indian style is fantastic). The Aloo Gobi is good, as is the Dum Aloo (this one is better spicy, not mild). The Chicken Tikka Masala is good, but this is a very mild dish (created, I think, in London); it is, in my opinion, a good dish for introducing someone to Indian cuisine. Once you like the cuisine, you graduate to other dishes.

      The Nan is very good. The onion Nan is pretty good, and people will definitely be able to tell if have the garlic Nan.

      If you like samosas, try the Samosa Chaat for something a little different. It's the standard samosas, with a chick peas gravy on top. Samosas can get a bit boring just by themselves.

      They make the Indian desserts fresh here. If you happen to go on the days when there is a Hindu religious festival, you will see tons of orders of the desserts lined up for takeout. If they have it fresh that day, try the jilibi. My wife won't even try a bit of this stuff; it's so sweet that a single bite will trigger a small migraine attack. If you're sensitive to sugar at all, be careful.

      This is a combination grocery store, restaurant. The food is served on paper plates, and you eat on paper plates with plastic utensils. They will bring the food to the table, but you have to get up and get the plates and utensils, as well as water, yourself. Much better, in my opinion, to do take-out. My usual take-out dinner for two is Nan, Chicken Curry, Lamb Korma and Dum Aloo.

      1. i concur the food the time i tried it was good.

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          We love getting take out from Teji, we enjoy the saag and the korma, always done well and the owner's are super friendly. When I order it hot, they make it hot... even though I am a white girl, love that, the hotter the better!

        2. After reading all the great reviews by best friend and I hit up Teji's last night for some takeout...we loved it! They had run out of Samosas for the evening, next time I'll call earlier to make certain I get some. The food was fragrant, flavorful, and overall fantastic!

          Thanks again everyone for the great recs!


          1. Our family loves this restaurant! They have good chaat (snacks) and our favorite is the papdi chaat. My husband is from India and this is a great place that's fairly priced and has been consistent with taste and quality.The chicken korma is our favorite and my husband really likes the saag paneer.

            The owner is really friendly and the adjacent store has grocery items if needed. He's always been helpful and the food is great!

            1. Well, I was so happy to see my original post resurrected (posted a yr ago!) and it inspired me to get a carryout from Teji's that very night! We had the Lamb Korma, Palak Paneer, and Butter Chicken. All were *excellent*, and DH and I agreed they were even better than they've been on our previous visits. Loved my ras malai (sp)- it's the basic version, nothing outstanding but very tasty and not overly sweet. Oh and I have to learn how to make the tamarind sauce that comes with the samosas; it's seriously addictive. I think DH and I could eat it with a spoon.

              I just wish that an order of naan was more than one big piece. I could make a meal of just naan and the sauces from the main courses. mmmmmmm

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                I was in the area on Friday and remembered seeing posts about Teji so I decided to give it a try. Wow, I thought it was great. So good that the wife and I went back on Sunday for dinner. I'm not an expert on Indian food by any means, but I really enjoyed to food. We had Chicken Tikka Masala, Aloo Ghobi, Channa Masala as well as plain naan and samosas. All very basic and novice things, but very tasty. I've tried most of the Indian places in town and would put this in my top 2 with Swad.

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                  I agree--Teji's has very tasty food!
                  As all restaurants do, Teji's has its ups and downs and has particular strengths.
                  My favorite dishes are Chicken Methi (#14) and Stuffed Baingan (#45).

                  When the kitchen is at its best, the fenugreek leaves gives the chicken dish a wonderful richness, and the baby eggplants stuffed with spicy tomato paste combine upbeat spiciness and savory smoothness to make your mouth happy but "jonesing" for more (the way Asia Cafe's addictive Chicken Delight does!). Be sure to order the eggplants somewhere from "medium spicy" to "very, very spicy".

                  When the kitchen is off, the Chicken Methi can be very salty, and the Stuffed Baingan can be like a run-of-the-mill marinara sauce.

                  By the way, I think that Teji's has the best Indian food (available to the public!) in the Austin area and just started a new topic to discuss/challenge that opinion.
                  Add your $0.02 here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/570475

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                    okay, i finally got around to at least doing carryout to try the stuffed baingan at your request. i must concede, it WAS rather tasty. my only annoyance with the dish was that they kept the stems on the eggplant. REALLY, who DOES that? i guess maybe it HAS to be there to "stuff" it... but the flavors were spot-on.

                    i also tried the bhindi masala, naan, and paratha... these were all sub-par though. the naan might have been affected from the carryout process, but there was no excuse for the paratha, which was very dry and almost burnt. the bhindi masala just tasted like okra that was covered in fried spices. i mean, i guess that's kinda what cooking indian food is like sometimes, but it just wasn't right... there was nothing about it that wanted me to keep eating more of it.

                    so overall, still haven't changed my opinion of this place from my earlier post (see below)... although there definitely is at least one dish worth coming back for now...

              2. i gotta say i really wasn't impressed after all the enthusiasm on this board. and i was REALLY looking forward to finally eating some GOOD Indian food in "town". i got the vegetarian combo and it was just okay. i didn't think it was better than any of the other Indian restaurants in Austin, as everyone seems to be saying. i ordered the chicken tikka masala for my brother for take-out and he wasn't impressed at all--said it still tasted americanized.

                I did get the chana bhatura as well, and the bhatura actually was amazingly authentic. now THAT i would come back for, the channa chaat dish otherwise was just okay. the chana/chole is definitely better at Swad but the bhatura is WAY better here.

                i HAVE read that a LOT of people like the korma here, but there really isn't a vegetarian substitute for that for me (vegetables don't adequately substitute for meat in that dish). all in all, i don't think the trip into round rock is worth it. It ALMOST would have been if it was really authentic Indian food, but it definitely isn't...

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                  I always order my indian extra spicy and it sure doesn't taste americanized at Teji's.
                  I think they naturally do that to make it palatibly to some who might not be used to the flavors?, at most Indian rest.

                2. Their dal makhni is WONDERFUL. I can't go a week without a stop or two. And the prices are very reasonable. Lunch is something like 11-2 and dinner from 5 or something. If you try to go between 2 and whenever dinner starts...better to wait. Tamara