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Feb 10, 2007 12:05 PM

Arsimona, downtown Oakland?

Anyone know anything about Arsimona? Looks like a fancy place, tailors itself as a sports bar. Normally the sort of place I would avoid, but out of town people are coming in who are going to want a fancy place right in that area -- but I want to ensure the food is decent quality and the prices are in line.

Did a board search, no mention of the place. That may be a telling sign...

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  1. Never even heard of it. From the website, I suspect the food is an afterthought and not something they put a lot of effort into. You might choose something else in that area for dinner and have drinks there before or after. I had dinner last night at B in Old Oakland, and it was decent enough and reasonably upscale (I'll post about it separately).

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      That's the impression I got. But these people read some reviews that said "the food is great". And they didn't like Verbena, so maybe upscale bar food is more their thing. I'll just make sure to pack a backup snack for the way home!

    2. What about Luka's instead?

      1. I walked by Arsimona today. I noticed on the sandwich board out front - they have eight 50" plasma TVs. After reading the menu, it did seem to be "fancy" bar food (but sort of a range that can't be very good). Any word yet? Yelp gives 3 stars (pretty okay food, bunch of TVs, bad service) but good TVs for sports. Thought if any CHs have been there and/or tasted the food.