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Feb 10, 2007 11:51 AM

Sunday brunch or breakfast in KC?

Any recommendations for Sunday brunch in the KC area? I am also looking for a weekend breakfast place in Lee's Summit or beyond.

I have been to First Watch and LePeep's. Anything else out there?


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  1. I tried to post a reply yesterday, and something went awry, so we'll try again.

    My favorite Sunday brunch destinations around KC:

    1) Lydia's in the Freight House. For $19.50, you get a three-course prix fixe brunch and beverage. Antipasti and dolci are served buffet-style; you order your choice of second course. I've never been dissapointed; the buffet selections are usually quite fresh and the second-course menu has something for practically everyone, including their three-pasta tasting that is very popular. More info is at

    2) Blue Bird Bistro on Summit. Blue Bird Bistro prides itself on offering fresh, local, often organic food options, and they seem to really excel at their breakfast/brunch menu. Delicate but innovative flavors, nice atmosphere. Try the Blue Bird Benedict. More info at


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      I second Bluebird -- excellent breakfast/brunch. It's especially good in the spring, when the weather gets good enough for them to start really using produce from their own garden.

    2. Corner Cafe in Riverside would be my choice for a weekend breakfast.

      1. In Lee's Summit I have enjoyed brunch at Garozzo's. They have a great buffet. If I remember correctly, they have someone to make fresh eggs or omlettes to order, fresh pancakes and waffles, B&G and italian fare...oh, and of course, great prime rib. I like the desserts, italian cakes and such. Yummy and affordable.